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About bugs and current work done by the devs

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Hi, so I think it could be nice that the developer, a little like Microsoft Flight SImulator does, post a list of tracked bugs and their priorities every week. It would help reduce the number of bugs posted (as I'm sure there are a lot of duplicates of the same bugs being posted multiples times) and would give an idea to the community of where the devs are what they are doing and what they plan to do and their priorities. What do you think about that?

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Absolutely agree with having an official bug tracker. Submitting through the PD launcher was OK and having a subforum here is much better, and I'm sure the devs have very comprehensive internal bug tracking, but, given the state of the game currently, it really does feel like we're all contributing in an open beta, and so a more custom-tailored bug tracker feels appropriate in this case. If not that, then I also agree about having some kind of weekly update about what's being prioritized. Patch notes are all well and good, but those are after the bugs have already been addressed. Call me entitled here but this is the kind of radical transparency I feel like we need now that actual money has been spent by consumers, and I think it'd do a ton to help assuage concerns.

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