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How would modders feel about posting to Nexus Mods?


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Thats not my intention. I encourage everyone  to not limit themselves. Learn new stuff and make things happen.
Also this is a bit off topic here. Youre all welcome to talk about SpaceDock in its thread.

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No discouragement was felt and the implication that you were the sole dev for the site was received and noted. Unfortunately CSS and HTML 5 aren't where my expertise is and I haven't touched javascript seriously in over 5 years except for a few cyber security applications for work. I can read it logically, troubleshoot, and patch; but developing new features I'm more likely to mess things up than to help. Sadly between time with family and work I don't have the free time available to learn more than that. But damn I wish I did. -_-


"She" for the record. :)

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I'd be fine with it. I use the Nexus a TON because I mod the everloving -beep- out of Fallout;NV and Fallout 4.


On 3/6/2023 at 5:23 PM, Halban said:

The user experience on Nexus mods is not great: download speeds are capped, it takes two clicks to download anything, you are made to wait 5 seconds before each download, they host ads, and they offer a premium service.

Space Dock has none of that, but there are some features of Nexus Mods that Space Dock could benefit from such as the ability to see what’s popular in a given time frame, download buttons that associate with your mod manager, and a gallery of screenshots on each mod page.

I suppose that’s more of a user’s opinion but as a modder the user experience is what ultimately matters to me. A wider audience would be nice but I think the popularity of the game is much more of a factor than where the mods are hosted; there are lots of games on nexus mods with very few mods available.


Speed cap is fine lol. Especially with the relatively small size of KSP mods. I highly doubt we'll be downloading very many multi-gigabyte megamods for this game like we often do for Fallout and Skyrim, and even on those big mods it isn't that big a deal. The cap's quite generous(And above what my DSL could reach anyway lolol), so honestly, I don't see crying about their speed cap as anything but impatience manifesting.

Ads? Lol what kinda of person browses the internet without a good ad blocker on zero tolerance mode? I used to run ABP until they sold out to advertisers, so I switched to uBlock Origins. I never see ads on the internet. EVER. Not here, not on the NExus, not on YT, NEVER. And it's wonderful.



On 3/13/2023 at 3:44 AM, airtrafficcontroller said:

Nexus only exists because Skyrim players don't have a CKAN.

Why would they want to make their modding experience worse like that? It's bad enough Gamebryo games are crash-happy junkpiles that just happen to be addictingly fun without having our mod installs randomly updating here and there sending the whole house of cards tumbling down.

The player having total version control over mods as well as game version is VITAL when running a modded game. Every single time I've updated a mod that did anything more complicated than a basic addition(IE add a gun to Fallout, a part to KSP) it has broken other things with the changes made in that update. Every. Single. Time. Something like CKAN in there making things update whenever there's an update to be had just makes for a compelling argument not to mod at all and is why I don't use CKAN in KSP1 either. It's up to us, as players modding our games, to manage what versions of mods we use and resolve conflicts, and we can't do that if our installs are constantly creating conflicts seemingly at random. And we do this knowing sometimes we might have an issue with one version of a mod that's fixed by updating that mod, but in doing so we break a couple other mods, and have to figure that one out ourselves. It's just part of it.

This is also why I HATE using Steam Workshop. One of my biggest gripes with Garry's Mod and American Truck Sim these days; they're both relying on Steam Workshop for mod support these days and it often breaks things with no way for me to restore the older but functional version of the mod. At least if I update a mod manually and it breaks things I can uninstall the new version, reinstall the old one, and get my stuff working again, yanno?

On 3/10/2023 at 2:29 AM, Kaa253 said:


GitHub is one of the most awful to navigate websites I have ever visited.


On 3/7/2023 at 2:52 PM, VITAS said:

@SydKhaosits a central server in Finland. For a while it was on sponsored DigitalOcean geo cluster.

@Stoup you can simply click "browse new mods" ( https://spacedock.info/kerbal-space-program-2/browse/new)  and then page trough history.

The best way to find mods is still to search for them. Many people got a more intense introduction to advanced search filters today than they wished for. ;)

Being able to browse mods is a godsend. How am I supposed to know what's out there if I have to throw keywords at an algorithm and hope something interesting comes out the other side?

That is one of my biggest gripe with SpaceDock and is why I almost never use it. It's nigh impossible to find mods you don't already know about on there. NexusMods does this exceptionally well; tons of categories relevant to the game being modded that offer up an easy way to peruse what's up there without having to type a single word in. I've found hundreds of great mods for the three good Fallout games that way, mods I would never have stumbled across if I had to 'search for them' like I do SpaceDock.

'Bout the only time I use SpaceDock is if I'm looking for a mod I know is already there, and I'll search that mod by name. If not that, then it's because I've been browsing the KSP forums and the download is hosted on SpaceDock.

For KSP, I'd split it into VFX, parts, non-part plugins, Tools, Bugfixes, and then subdivide from there as appropriate.  Something like, say, MechJeb would fall under non-part plugins since its primary function is plugin based. Something like Kerbal Foundries would fall under Parts - Rover since its primary focus is on rover parts. You get the drift.


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19 minutes ago, Kenobi McCormick said:

without having our mod installs randomly updating here and there

19 minutes ago, Kenobi McCormick said:

CKAN in there making things update whenever there's an update to be had

Just to correct some misinformation, these quoted parts are incorrect. CKAN never forces any changes. In order for CKAN to change any files, the user must:

  • Check or uncheck an installation checkbox and then click apply changes
  • Click an upgrade checkbox (or the convenience toolbar button that checks them all for you) and then click apply changes
  • Click "Yes" when prompted to reinstall if a mod's metadata changes without a new release ("No" will leave the files as-is)

CKAN users retain total control of which mod versions they're using.

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Nexus Mods helped me warm up to the idea of modding games, and I know I'm not alone in thinking that.

It took me awhile to use mods w/ my games. I grew up w/ computers, but I'm not a programmer, was a Mac user up until 3 years ago, and I find navigating Windows' file system to be frustrating.

That said, the first time I ever used mods, it was because Nexus Mods looked familiar / approachable. I could download an app, search through the most popular mods, and w/ a few clicks, the mods would be activated.  Took me longer than I care to admit, but I got over the hump and realized that modding games is easier than I thought. 

Obviously Nexus  Mods is not ideal, but by not using altogether, I worry that we're abandoning the gamers who are brand new to this process.

I'm a dum-dum w/ this sort of stuff, but isn't there a way to allow players to Nexus Mods AND Spacedock AND CKAN? I have no clue what this would entail, so apologies in advance lmao.


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On 5/22/2023 at 7:17 PM, SoulCandy said:

I'm a dum-dum w/ this sort of stuff, but isn't there a way to allow players to Nexus Mods AND Spacedock AND CKAN? I have no clue what this would entail, so apologies in advance lmao.

Well, yeah, if modders want to, they can upload their mods there, nobody is preventing that, same as CurseForge, it's up to the individual modders to upload the mods to other platforms, most are happy just hosting their mods on GitHub and SpaceDock for manual downloads and relying on CKAN as a mod manager

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