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An idea for my mod name ?

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Hi everyone !

I've decided to make a planets/systems pack that woul add kerbalized version of actual exoplanets and their stars, systems and maybe other celestials bodies (such as J1407B, Gliese 436 or HD 189733B). But I don't really have an idea for the name. I was thinking about "Kerbalized Galaxy", what do you think of it ?
Let me know if you have any idea for my mod name ! I hope you'll be creative !

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@GlaceAuPlutonium There'a already a mod called "Kerbal Galaxy Re-[something]" so... Ehh... Not too smart a choice.

On the side, I recommend you start (very) small and make a mod for just one star and its planets, and then get better at making that mod look good. As things appear right now, you'll easily waste a good mod name and then learn the hard way that you were trying to bite more than you can chew.

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