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Saved ships/rockets should not be bound to the save

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All (!) other game than KSP saves constructs players create globally or in another folder, or something like that. To be able to transfer constructs between saves and to avoid erasing constructs by mistake.

The system KSP uses means that it is IMPOSSIBLE to copý your own ships between saves. And if you erase a save the ships you have created is erased too.

I just did that in KSP2. I had a save that was bugged (with rocket scrap that could not be erased all over the save) and when i erased it I erased my ships.

Save them globally, or in a "ships" folder ingame, instead, not connected to the saved game.


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I have hopes for this to be added to the game. This was a feature later added to KSP1 (1.12), and I am sure the devs, who are also KSP1 players, will add this as the game progresses. Until then, you can use your file manager and copy your favorite craft from one save to the other, the way we had to in the early days of KSP.

As a side note, I had one game I called "the playpen" where I would design and test the vehicles - much like a "simulator" then I would exit the game, copy and paste the file into the file I had used as my actual game file. I will play around in KSP2 and see if it can be done in KSP2. :)

I know it isn't the best solution, if it does work, but until they add the feature, it might be the easiest for now.


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I also advocated for something very close to this in an early suggestion, extending it for saves, screenshots et all. Basically getting all user generated content out of AppData (which is hidden by default).

There is a confirmed feature, that seems to be working already, that may help you to share your crafts between you own saves: you can do CTRL+C and CTRL+V in the editor. So, you can copy a craft from a save, paste it into a notepad (or let it live in the clipboard), load the target save, and paste it.

Technically, you could share crafts with other people doing this, but it is a rather large wall of text.

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I like the idea of multiple rockets within a workspace - this is a handy feature I didn't know I needed - but I don't like how the save system works when trying to save several independent rocket/craft designs in the same workspace.

I tend to put groups of similar mission-type craft in the same workspace (e.g. orbital comms relays, orbiters, crewed mun landers) which works for now because due to the bugs I experience in KSP2, I've not gone interplanetary - I don't have the time, energy or patience to work through it right now.

I would like to see a way to call up individual craft (much like the old sub-assembly system) so I can bring a previously designed craft into a new workspace for use in a new design.

EXAMPLE: I have developed a lander that works on any moon/low gravity environment in "Mun Landers" workspace. It has been used successfully a number of times, so I know that staging, fuel lines and everything else on it works. I am developing a craft designed to go to Duna and remain in orbit while some of the crew descend in a lander in "Duna Mission" workspace. I surmise that the lander I developed in "Mun Landers" would work perfectly. Instead of making the craft again, and potentially making an error in the build process of my already proven lander, I can simply call up that individual craft and place it in the new workspace and build my Duna vessel around it.

This is something I've just started doing in KSP1 - developing common craft that can work independently but also work as part of an "ecosystem" for other missions. I've shifted to keeping craft in orbit and sending up a refueller and swapping out crews as/when desired (I swap out my crews to distribute experience evenly - career mode, heavy focus on Mun/Minmus landings currently - haven't gone interplanetary yet: have a probe on its way to Eve at the moment), essentially a "dress rehearsal" for true interplanetary vessels. So by having common craft I can design new vessels around my existing designs, instead of developing (usually inferior) bespoke designs for each vessel like I have in the past.

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