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Punctuation in flag description passes to time warp controls


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In my latest video for the week 3 challenge, I suddenly had my WASD controls locked out and I couldn't move after planting a flag. This wasn't the first time this happened. As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, I was in time warp but didn't realize it. Watching the video more closely (at 15:30) it appears as soon as I used a period in the text description, that key also triggered the time warp change. https://youtu.be/MF4UDDlaljg?t=930

Date discovered: 3/12/2023
OS: Windows
Input: Keyboard and Mouse

Expected result: Text editing in flag descriptions and other similar UX/UI should not pass forward to game controls.

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The same “pass through” for control inputs occurs in the VAB when typing a capital M can bring you directly to the Map view, or in the Tracking Station when - if you had recently been controlling a vessel - renaming a vessel and hold SHIFT when typing in the new name will trigger the throttle of the vessel you were just controlling.

So it appears to be a generalized UI bug where inputs are not isolated into text fields but still act as flight/mode controls for the game. 

(Also - you should edit the text formatting in your post - it appears as light gray-on-white, which is terrible for readability.)

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