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Liquid rockets break if Methane runs out before Oxidizer?


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If I use a liquid rocket engine but then lower the amount of liquid methane in the fuel tank, but leave the oxidizer at full, when the liquid fuel runs out the engine will break and glitch out, randomly produce a ton of extra thrust for a frame, and sometimes turns the engine part sideways by 5-10 degrees.

This only happens if the liquid fuel is lowered. If the Oxidizer runs out first, it seems to be fine.

I'm not sure if this is an intended feature or not? Like maybe the devs want the engine to literally “break” if the wrong fuel mixture is added? However I don’t see any part failure messages like I do when parts break from being under too much load etc. so I’m assuming this is unintended. 

4/4 Repro:

-Build simple ship with control fuel and engine

-Lower the methane fuel to about 25%

-Launch ship

-Observe when methane fuel runs out, engine glitches

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