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Multiple bugs - Small and Med Docking Ports destroy both ships - without destroying anything; Can't switch between ship and rover; Can't switch to Kerbal in different pod


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Tried separating the rover from the lander at KSC using both the XS and Small docking ports.  Same result; Ship destroyed.  Problem?  Nothing was destroyed.  Thanks Pretentious Kermin!  First vid has Small Docking Port:

Second vid has XS docking port.  Multiple problems emerge:

  • Cannot switch to Kerbal in different module to EVA him - you can see him on top, but only one Kerbal shows up in the viewer.  Can't use "[ or ]" to switch views between attached craft.  So I can't EVA the little guy on top.
  • Using the XS docking port, both ships still destroyed.
  • Except that both Kerbals survived - and there is NO way to switch to either one or control either one or either Pod or Rover.



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