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How Do I Get Started With Modding KSP 2?

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Since mods have started being released for Kerbal Space Program 2, I was wondering, how do you get started with creating mods for the game? I have a little experience with creating mods for the original KSP (The Varuta System and Planet Dunope), but I'm sure modding KSP 2 is different from how it was done in the first game. From what I've seen on SpaceDock, there is something called BepInEx and Space Warp, which is a modding API for the game, but how do you get started with creating mods using it (like this for example). I do have some C# coding experience, as I've created projects in Unity before, but where do I begin?

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I am trying to figure out that too.

But the link you provided as a part of the answer.



SpaceWarp is a C# modding API on top of BepInEx for KSP2.


Drag the contents of the zip file into the KSP root directory

Launch the game

Mods are located at


Packages BepInEx w/ it for ease of installation

Want to create mods with this? Follow our documentation: https://spacewarpdocs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html


I was able to setup the tools and build myplugin / mod. Were you blocked by something in particular ?

And then if you want to get inspired by a existing mod, its source can be browsed, copied and modified...

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