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KSP2 Release Notes - Update v0.1.1.0

Intercept Games

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• Added camera collision with terrain and other colliders while in Flight view 
• Added visual indicator when a marker is hovered and pinned in Map view 
• Fixed orbital markers not being pinnable while manipulating a maneuver and not staying pinned upon maneuver gizmo activation
• Fixed persistence of active vessel’s timewarp restrictions when returning to KSC from Flight
• Improved buoyancy calculations to reduce vessel spinning when splashing down in the ocean
• Fixed destroy command not destroying vessels in the Tracking Station 
• Fixed a bug where the “hold to quickload” setting was not applied correctly 
• Fixed Laythe’s atmosphere rendering incorrectly in Map view 
• Fixed an issue where contrails jump positions during universe reference point transitions 

These are all small but genuinely some of my favorite fixes! They're some of the little things that made the first release feel very unpolished, so I think this will do a lot for overall perception

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3 minutes ago, ExtremerBG said:

Any new about the re-entry and heating systems? Really looking forward to their eventual release.

These are a high priority for us. As soon as those systems are stable and performant, they will be added to a future update.

Just now, Kurtvw said:

Did Joystick/controller support get in there and I missed it?

This is a great list of fixes and adds, but I really need to be able to use my controllers


This is not yet in, but it is on our backlog and it is important to us.

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That's a lot of issues. QA must have been busy too!

I hope you'll eventually be able to get to faster cadence so we get smaller patches but more frequently, it'll make QA easier too!

Thank you and here's to a bright future for all kerbalkind! :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3):

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Holy crap lol.. That is a very extensive list. And yes, I read it all. Bravo!

Thank you guys and girls for all of your hard work!.

I really can’t wait for analog controls, conic effects and thermals. Lol. IMO those should be high priority.

But seriously though, great work. Can’t wait to play when I get home!

Thank you.

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Great job.

Obvious that this patch was in development before the EA release date. This clearly looks like it should have been the build we actually had to play on launch.


Edit: Also, maybe I missed it in the long wall of patch note text.. The orbit decay bug doesn’t seem to be listed as fixed?

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Just now, nestor said:

We are aware of that one and we are working on it. 

Thank you so much! Fingers crossed it happens fast, Jool and Laythe are two of my favourite places and it's currently not great for me there.

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