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Radial uncouplers fall off before start BUG. Patch


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  • KSP Version:
  • Operating System and version  (Windows 10, Windows 11): Windws 10 
  • CPU and GPU models, any other system information which could be relevant: CPU, Intel i7 @3,6Ghz, GPU, Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti, 16 GB RAM
  • Description of the bug.  I have the bug that since the patch the radial decouplers no longer hold on the main body of the rocket. I use 6 XL decouplers in the asparagus system. Even with struts the whole thing does not hold and the structure fails.
  • A list of ALL mods.  If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. I don't use MODS, and the joint strength is on stock.
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