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Today is Friday, but one day it'll be Fry(your ship)day

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On 3/17/2023 at 11:16 PM, DancZer said:

@Dakota @Nate Simpson the pic looks epic. I wonder what is the main goal /vision for re-entry heating compared to KSP 1.

I found the KSP1 reentry sometimes a bit strange. Expecially when parts without fluid disappeared in a big explosion. Eg. Antenna, wing, structures. For visual and UX point of view a melting of the object instead of sudden explosion in this case would be better UX. This could lead to a damaged ship after a rough re-entering or takeoff. 

I know that object morphing is not an easy feature to implement, expecially if there is a lot of models and LOD-s, but improvement on this part of the feature is very welcome! 

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the Patch Two! 

Realistically, some parts should just tear off. Left your solar cells deployed... oops, there they go. Not an explosion, just gone, and causing further damage if they happen to hit your vehicle as they go.

I also agree with @RealKerbal3x about the heating effects, we really should never see them on launch in the vast majority of cases, it should take into account both velocity and atmospheric density and also drag which has a huge impact on shock fronts.


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