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Link Discord to Matrix, IRC and maybe other more open protocols


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I think you're going to have to support this request with some argumentation.

Personally, I'm against social media interoperability for privacy reasons. To the extent that I never link them, never use the same ID or speaking style on any two different platforms, and avoid making purchases with funds that have my real name attached to them.

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1.) people on irc cant take part in discussions that are on discord.

2.) you are forced to accept discords terms to take part

3.) discord is a walled garden

4.) you dont have to register at all on irc

5.) matrix as well as irc is used by people like you that value privacy

6.) matrix and irc dont scan your active tasks on your computer

7.) you can host your own matrix server and use federation so everything is under your control.

8.) irc and matrix dont try to upsell you all the time.

9.) Freedom of choice


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