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Having some trouble with Tweakscale, please help.

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5 hours ago, Kerbal_Dawn said:

upon loading the game it tells me there are 2 fatal errors which will seriously curropt the game and it told me to upload the log onto forums so,Here is my ksp log https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_kQYY3XEh62iQONo4oLBy3tx1EuaTelT/view?usp=sharing

This is the ModuleManager log. It helps, but not by itsefl. Please publish the KSP.log and I will take a look on it.

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On 3/20/2023 at 3:32 AM, Kerbal_Dawn said:

here's the correct ksp.log file i believe https://drive.google.com/file/d/14m2sfXs3yhj7m92PKK2MCBMd8ben2ZA3/view?usp=sharing ,apparently it has problems with kerbal foundries too.

Yep, it's exactly this.

[LOG 12:15:33.170] [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'WaterfallData' from assembly 'Waterfall'
[ERR 12:15:33.198] [AssemblyLoader] Exception when getting assembly attributes: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was t

Additional information about this exception:

 System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type of field 'KerbalFoundries.KFGUIManager:appButton' (10) due to: Could not resolve type with token 01000017 (from typeref, class/assembly ApplicationLauncherButton, Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null) assembly:Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null type:ApplicationLauncherButton member:(null) signature:<none>

What happens: there's a nasty bug on a thingy called Assembly Loader/Resolver inside KSP that is triggered everytime something fails to be loaded due a missing or inadequate dependency. From this point, everything and the kitchen's sink starts to bork while loading DLLs or using a thingy called Reflection, and TweakScale makes heavy use of both.

In your specific case, the "Could not resolve type with token" thingy is telling us that whatever is the dependency KerbalFoundries needs, it's there but it's from a different revision from what KF was compiled because something the code is swearing it will find on that Assembly, it's not there!

You need to reach Kerbal Foundries maintainers and ask them about that it's this DLL and what the version KF needs to have installed in order to work.

Things can get messy pretty fast when some other add'on installs an older version of that DLL, because now, out of the blue, something that used to work is now broken and no one have a hint about the reason without some digging… :/

Anyway, there's no other option: you need to reach KF maintainers in order to undestand what is too old (or too new) for KF and then fix the thing. In the mean time, KF is not working and you may want to remove it in order to get everything else to work again (including TweakScale).

Good luck!

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