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I built modules for my Mun station but had the wrong docking port. So I went to Duna and Minmus instead!


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I started building a Mun station, where I had a core module and a lander

I had a two-stage ship ready to dock to the "MSS"

  1. Fuel (to my lander after landing on the Mun)
  2. Probe launcher (lander and orbiter)


The original idea was to send my orbital probe in an escape trajectory of Kerbin, using the Mun to slingshot the probe and then slow down to match the orbit of the MSS, launch the lander probe (to land on the Mun) and then dock with the station to provide fuel in the future.

I however had two issues:

  1. I chose XS docking port instead of a S port for my vessel
  2. My probe lander docking port decided to disappear, when I launched my orbiter probe

I launched the orbital probe successfully, but at the cost of a docking port disappearing for my lander (which could now not be undocked)

Then I realised my mistake of attaching the incorrect docking port, as I approached the Mun station

Then after some issues with time warp, I decided to scrap this ship. So I separated the 2 probes to do some scouting instead

The probe launcher part (with the stuck lander) was sent to Duna as I had plenty of fuel to land there

The fuel part was sent to Minmus, where I landed at the north pole:

Eventually I did a separate mission where I added more docking ports (both XS and S) to the Mun station

and I think the final product looks very cool!

The orbiter probe and Minmus landing are featured in two of my bug reports that include videos if you're interested to see them

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