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Maneuver Node Projected orbit always show crashing into planet regardless of amount or direction of burn.

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Hi I am having an issue with KSP 2. When trying to use Maneuver nodes, The orbit lines always show crashing into the planet of Kerbin. This is incorrect as I can use the engines to raise my altitude in a vacuum by doing the maneuver without the node.  I am using ion engines to get to Jool and am already in orbit around Kerbin. and am fully out of atmo. Without being able to see my trajectory with nodes I have no idea how to get to Jool. What is going on and how do you fix? 

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The problem seems to be that the maneuver calculation is done by assuming 100% of Delta-V will be in a single direction, ignoring the fact that "prograde" means something different at all but one point during the burn.

I just noticed that with my first Xenon engine satellite -- attempting to raise a low orbit, combined with the very long burn time, means the calculator thinks I'm going retrograde by the time I'm half way around the orbit.

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