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(TUX) Texture Utilities eXpanded - Shader editing tool for artists


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Texture Utilities eXpanded, or TUX, is a mod that allows artists to tweak the KSP2 default shader to their liking, giving them more creative freedom when moddeling and texturing their parts.
Until we get SpaceWarp 1.1.0, and its colors patch, the only way to get this tool to actually work is if you make a mod with the colors patch on it. You can dm me and i'll create the mod for you.
For now, this will be more of an informative post for all artists who want to play with it!
Right now this tool is being tested along with @benjee10 to ensure it is working properly, but i'm open to make it available to other artist as well!

But why was this tool created? To give all of us better parts! I plan on adding the possibility to save these settings, and loading them in game for players, It probably will be as easy as dropping a .cfg file inside your part's texture folder!

Here's some of its funcionalities:

There are almost all of the funcionalities of the KSP shader! Only missing albedo, emission and rim color!

Planned features:

  • Shader settings save and load
  • set your own detail map
  • set your own detail mask

MIT License

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Just now, jotarobat said:

i wasnt expecting major mods to be compatible with ksp 2 yet, that was fast

This is not a Textures Unlimited replacement just yet, its just the barebones of it, but we're very close to it already!

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