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Set Target from a Menu/pop up

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Can we have an option to select a target body from a menu or pop up list?  

As an example, Jool in particular is a bit fiddly.  Hovering over Jool in map view often brings up one of the moons, but  setting that as a target doesn't enable the intersect display for Jool, and it can be quite fiddly wiggling the view to select what you want.

How about clicking on the orbit line opens up a menu listing the bodies in that planet's system, from which we can select the target we want.

Also, maybe have a tab for each body that opens up a list of orbiting vessels.



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First and foremost, it shouldn't show the moons in solar system view. What for? Gimme the parent planet, I'll focus on it and then perhaps I may want to pick a moon to target.

It's like marking a specific planet, probably one close to the star, when you're looking at local stellar neighborhood.

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