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EVA Construction - Am I The Only Player Who Misses this feature?

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I know IG has a ton of fixes they need to prioritize before they start adding back original KSP1 features, but I haven't seen anyone mention they miss EVA Construction.


I for one, miss that feature and I hope it gets included in the future.

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6 minutes ago, Little 908 said:

Nope, I loved having the ability to repair and  bring up storage containers. But there is a slight, very slight possibility this might come with the science update,  since evas are a big part of gaining science.

Crossing my fingers...

Playing KSP1 in the later stages of a career was often centered around engineer Kerbals modifying and building craft on the surface of a body and or an orbiting station.  This was a central activity to help keep space program costs down for me.

I miss career and science.  

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EVA Construction was a big help, especially for my interplanetary craft. I was able to take up science experiments, add docking ports, increase power generation... Essentially, it was a way to 'revert to VAB' without having to revert anything.

Is it essential? No. But I look forward to getting it back.

But I look forward to the Orbital VAB's more. All my larger ship designs are based around the idea of not wasting orbital boosters. I would put a Probe, small solar panels, and multiple docking ports on every booster. After three or four Orbital launches, I would spend an hour guiding them to each other and linking them up to create a 'drive section' to get something to other planets. 

An Orbital VAB means I can build a ship that's not based around the leftovers of things getting launched first. That's going to be my favorite way to spend time, I believe.

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I can't say I'm missing it as such, but I did find it very useful and a nice thing to have.   My surface refueling system relied on being able to connect fuel lines .

Orbital VABs serve a different function IMO, they are for building the vessels.  The EVA construction allowed in the field repairs and modifications 

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I miss the idea of EVA construction, but not the implementation. Honestly even after KSP1 updated to include the feature I usually kept the Kerbal Attachment System mod installed anyway. Mostly for the attachable fuel lines.

I am perhaps, very bad at correctly calculating (guessing) how much delta v I need to get to a place and return home, and would often run out of fuel in high orbits of the Mun or Kerbin. I ran a lot of Gas and Go missions where I flew out with a big tanker, attached a fuel port, then hooked up a fuel line and used that to refuel the stranded ship. Theoretically I could have done the same mission with docking ports but A: It wouldn't have been as much fun, and B: I rarely remembered to put docking ports on the original ship. If I knew I was going to need to refuel, I'd have just built the ship better in the first place. :D

To me, being able to fix a craft mid mission when you realize you've done something catastrophically stupid is one of the most kerbal things ever. I hope KSP 2 has an improved version of this feature.  I wouldn't mind having to EVA a kerbal some of the time.

Like, if I'm at an orbital shipyard I'd expect to be able to just change to VAB mode, which is what I've heard they have planned for the base building feature. But if I'm just lost in space, I like that feeling of vulnerability of having to get a kerbal out and do the repair myself.  Since the kerbals can now stand on ships, they've already fixed the most fiddly bit of that system where you have to juggle keeping your kerbal in place while trying to place the part, so they really just need a clean UI for storing and attaching parts.

Potentially give EVA kerbals a backpack that stores whatever resources are already planned to construct ship parts, or let them pick a tank on the ship to pull supplies from, plus require an impact driver or something to explain how the kerbal can assemble a part alone in space. Then allow building anything they have the resources for, within a small radius of the kerbal. So you have to walk the kerbal over to the target area, probably click some button to open build mode, then pick a part and attach it like you were in the VAB but from the perspective of the Kerbal. 

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i defenetly want a system like it but this is the one thing i think they should change the most. it was too annoying to deal with for anything exept maybe a big spacestation project.  meybe a way to drive a ship into a space station and change a few things easily. but defenetly some way of doing this with kerbals is needed especially with those big ships because they honestly do look like they need a bit of maintinance

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