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GPP: Initiative Expansion (Colonization Challenge)

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Mission Briefing

With the advancement of the Galilean Space Program, mission control has demanded you to establish a permanent presence on another celestial body in the Ciroan system. You try to argue that there is still plenty space on Gael for the population to grow, but they don't respond to your cries. Objective: Develop a colony where Gaeleans can live in comfort, permanently or for extended durations of time. (And also get some cool screenshots ;))


More points = More good!

  • Baseline -  Start with 50 points
  • Setup
    • System
      • x2.0 - Rescale GPP to 2.5x
      • x3.0 - Rescale GPP to 10x
      • Varying multiplier depending on what celestial body you establish your colony on:
      • Spoiler
        1. Ciro - N/A
          1. Icarus* - 2.5x 
          2. Thalia* - 6.0x; Extra points for the face rift!
            1. Eta* - 1.2x
          3. Niven - 2.0x
          4. Gael - N/A; already done, silly!
            1. Iota* - No multiplier
            2. Ceti* - No multiplier
          5. Tellumo - 5.0x
            1. Lili* - 1.2x
          6. Gratian - 2.25x
            1. Geminus* - 1.25x
          7. Otho - N/A
            1. Augustus - 2.25x
            2. Hephaestus* - 1.3x
            3. Jannah* - 1.3x
          8. Gauss - N/A
            1. Loki* - 1.35x
            2. Catullus - 4.0x
              1. Tarsiss - 3.0x; arguably not that hard but it looks cool
          9. Nero - N/A
            1. Hadrian - 3.25x
            2. Nero's other moons* - 1.5x
          10. Hox* - 2.5x
            1. Argo* - 2.5x
          11. Leto* - 2.75x
        2. Grannus/Robau* - N/A
          1. GEP/OPM - Not included; 5.5x for Nodens and 4.5x for Tekto?

        *Kerbalism; no source of nitrogen on or around the celestial body, meaning it has to be imported from Gael, harvested from another body, or somehow produce on site. Nitrogen is required for pressurization and to make ammonia for agriculture.

    • Life Support
      • *Only one of these can be used at a time
      • 2.0x - Used Kerbalism (Reliability recommended to be turned off)
      • 1.9x - Used MKS + USI-LS
      • 1.75x - Used only USI-LS without MKS
      • 2.5x - Used Kerbalism + MKS :P
      • 1.75x - Used another life support mod (TAC-LS, Snacks, Kerbal Health, etc.)
    • Propulsion/Power
      • *In general, restricted more or less to near future technologies. Nuclear and electric propulsion is fine. KSP-IE is fine when limited to earlier engines.
      • 0.8x - Used antimatter/fusion engines/reactors/Far Future Technologies/black hole drives/etc.
      • 0.8x - Used FTL drives, warp gates, or Blueshift
      • 0.5x - Used obvious unbalanced parts
      • 1.2x - Used no nuclear engines/reactors whilst abiding by the above (good luck lol)
  • In-Game
    • Sustainability
      • Kerbalism
        • 1.5x - Crew can stay indefinitely in the colony, and only "need" to be cycled due to stress
        • 1.25x - Crew can stay in the colony with resupplies of nitrogen/ammonia to grow food every ~20 years (cannot be combined with above)
          • 1.3x - Replaces above if nitrogen/ammonia is shipped from a planet other than Gael
        • 1.1x - Has some way to circumvent part failures (if enabled)
        • +5 - Per comfort (panorama, call home, etc.)
        • +1 - Per 10m3 of habitable and pressurized volume
        • x0.8 - Crew is not adequately protected from space radiation, radioactive parts, and/or space weather
        • x0.8 - Crew needs shipments of food, water and/or oxygen to survive
      • MKS / USI-LS
        • 1.5x - Crew can stay indefinitely in the colony (meaning for the rest of time!)
        • 1.3x - Crew can stay indefinitely in the colony, but requires Machinery shipments (cannot be combined with above)
        • 1.1x - Crew can stay indefinitely with fertilizer shipments (cannot be combined with above)
        • 0.9x - Crew needs to be cycled due to habitation (cannot be combined with above)
      • Other life support mods
        • 1.25x - Crew can stay indefinitely in the colony (meaning for the rest of time!)
        • 1.1x - Mostly self sufficient but requires occasional shipments every ~20 years
    • Crew Capacity
      • +5 - For each Gaelean on board
      • +1 - For each extra seat that is not occupied
    • Base Placement
      • +25 - Place your colony at the highest point on the celestial body
      • +25 - Have the majority of your base submerged or floating in liquid, and the only parts that should touch land are ISRU and an airlock
      • +50 - Place your colony on the seabed of Tarsiss, Tellumo, or Hadrian
    • Other
      • +5 - Fly a big flag!
      • +30 - Have an asteroid, mined or not, be part of your base
        • 1.5x - If you have a mod that increases the size/weight of asteroids to realistic proportions
      • +40 - Produce RocketParts and launch vessels using Extraplanetary Launchpads
        • +20 - If using MKS; where you need MaterialKits and SpecializedParts


Challenge Rules

-You must use GPP, no GPP secondary

-Keep everything at stock balance; if you use RealFuels, turn off realistic masses, leave tank mass the same, and keep engine mass above 3.2

-No usage of Alt F12, HyperEdit, VesselMover etc. unless if it used to fix damage caused by a kraken attack

-If you want to use your own patches, make sure they're balanced

-Be honest!

And most importantly...

Impress me :cool:


Recommended Mods

These can all be found on CKAN

-Kerbalism; link above

-MKS / USI-LS; link above

-RealFuels when used with Kerbalism with stock balance configs; ask me if you want my custom configs

-Rational Resources; there are configs for the original resource distributions

-Rational HydroDynamics; helps if you're trying the seabed challenge

-Moldavite Machines; greenhouses for more than just food

-KARE; nuclear ramjets useful for various bodies

-Near Future Technologies; useful reactors, engines, fuel tanks, etc.

-CryoTanks/CryoEngines; more useful tanks and engines



*not pictured, send me some if you want to*



*none yet*


Best of luck to anyone who attempts! ;)


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