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Telemetry data capture for external application possible?

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Currently dipping my toes(er uh wheels, c5v quad)back into programming(have loooots of time, lol), and have a goal project in mind. I know some jargon, some differences between operations heavy language like C++ and higher level stuff like Python and Java, have some grip on programming logic, and have even recently been writing simple stuff in .ks  however, for current intents and purposes, I'm essentially starting from scratch. Learning what can be done in kOS has me thinking about something I've kind of always wanted to do(being a simulator enthusiast), make a simple telemetry data program that could eventually be the back-end to a cool, futuristic GUI with gauges and indicators, maybe even support touch screens, who knows, buut I'm getting way ahead of myself lol. 

Just wondering, if anyone with modding and programming XP with KSP can answer this question. Can this be done? My gut says yes considering things like MJ, KE, and kOS exist, but the whole "external" part is what has me worried.  So,  its just a matter of intercepting vessel telemetry data, exporting said data, then update my custom runtime window with data, in real-time. What could be so hard? XD

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Yes, this can be done. There are a few of us looking/working on the starting of this type of Mission Control Telemetry display, outside of the KSP2 UI. KSPSerialIO, kOS, KWP and kRPC are options to use to build what you are looking for. What I am trying to manage right now is the processing load on the CPU with the different architecture options. kRPC seems to be the best to minimize CPU load while updating all the possible TLM data points, since its a stream data source that can be throttled on data point updates.  See this forum thread -

kRPC2 has a Discord Channel as well, to monitor development progress.

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Sick! Thanks for the information! Cool to know I'm not the only one who wants to see their staging stack and AP/PE on another monitor, lol. I just think there's a lot of potential for cool setups, and maybe even being able to play with the entire HUD off(F2), increasing immersion greatly. I mean, a lot of people have secondary monitors these days, right? Might take a poll...

I used to be into iRacing about 10 years ago, and used this awesome little app called RS Dash. You could run an android or iOS tablet off Wi-Fi and have a real-time, external telemetry racecar dash. It was so freaking awesome! 

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18 hours ago, InterstellarDrifter said:

have a real-time, external telemetry racecar dash

I agree. My ultimate goal is to have something like what this guy did for his KSP1 setup. I got the 3D printer and a CNC machine to make my own parts for the console. Just need to do the electronics and software for it.


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2 hours ago, InterstellarDrifter said:

O.   M.   G.


1 hour ago, thewhitemetroid said:

That set up is sick!

I know, right?! Totally The BOMB of a setup. I want to have more digital read outs, though if I couple the hardware console with an external UI from KSP2's UI, I can get to Multiple Screens (I have 3 right now). One 52" 4k for the flight visualization, and two 32" for external UI display. I can setup the two smaller ones as Mission Control to monitor multiple concurrent mission status (especially time to next maneuver), and another for Vehicle Flight Status. Then the console just needs to be current vehicle controller. I've been watching ebay for a real navball that I can use instead of a digitized one. I am going to stick with kRPC2 like this guy did, Though I may go with a raspberry Pi instead of an Arduino. He has to use a lot of shift registers and muxes  for all the inputs/led controls off of a singe Arduino.

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