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F2 issues; pause game pop up still visible, and stage scroll bar still visible


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Link to imgur because I couldn't figure out how to add images : )  

[Edit: First two pictures are chropped hiding that the FPS Overlay is on as well. Third picture added to show this -anth12]



FPS Overlay Isn't Turning Off:


Basically, still some minor issues with F2 hiding all of the HUD.


>pause game

>press F2


>build craft with many stages, so that they can't all be displayed on the screen at the same time

>press F2

On a side note, personally, I think it would be nice if F2 also hid the in-game on-screen FPS counter, since I find myself constantly cropping it out in screenshots, but like having present during flight.



Edited by Anth12
Took supplied imgur link and made both display + Added FPS Overlay Not Hidden.
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