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Stars disappear after loading quicksave near Dres


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After loading a quicksave near Dres, the stars disappeared and Dres appeared to be transitioning between two detail levels, but one of the models was missing. Turning the camera caused the sky to change colour, seemingly applying one pixel of the normal skybox to the entire sky.

The sky returned to normal after loading the previous autosave, but subsequent quicksaves whilst still near Dres caused the issue to occur again. After leaving Dres's sphere of influence and loading a quicksave, the bug stopped entirely, and I was unable to trigger it again, even when loading the same saves that it had occurred for previously.

Log file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/94viuxahfph256c/Player.log/file


Windows 10 22H2

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor


Radeon RX 570 Series






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I am also having this issue.

Reported behaviour

The skybox was fine when I arrived at Dres, then after shutting down and restarting the game a few hours later, the skybox is no longer visible. It looks to me that it might be rendering it as a single sampled pixel drawn to the full skybox, as the colourof it shifts rapidly when rotating the camera and the colours shown are those common in the skybox textures (greys, blues and purples).

Reloading some of my other gamesaves, I get the same missing skybox issues for all that are within Dres' SOI, but the previous ones outside it (e.g. the one for my plane change burn) are fine. When switching to the map view while in Dres SOI also shows a correct skybox.


System and game specs

System is is a 1070GTX (latest driver as of today), Windows 10, dual monitor setup (4k each) but only using one for the game.

Game version is v0.1.2.0 and I'm get this when playing unmodded. I verified local files via Steam and uninstalled then reinstalled the game, which did not fix the issue.

Game files

Player log and a gamesave in Dres SOI are here.

Basic repro steps

Launch a vehicle, fly to within Dres SOI, save a game, then reload it.

After this the skybox will appear as a single colour.

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I wanted to add that I saw this yesterday on the way to Eve.  When I reloaded within the Eve SOI but still far from the planet all I could see was purple filling the screen.  The workaround was fairly simple.  Just switch to map view and back.

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An additional piece of information is that the issue seems to go away (at least until the next reload) when a vehicles parts are "rebuilt" after docking with a nother vehicle. This happened to me once I docked my lander with the main vehicle, after my landing on Dres.

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Try the following:

  1. Create a Save when the problem happens
  2. Go to the KSC Screen
  3. Load the save.

My testing seems to indicate that the KSC screen is doing something the main menu isnt.

I did a bug report probably relating to the same issue but not using Dres:


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