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Issues with Display Settings FullScreen/Borderless/Windowed

Kim Hanson

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"Fixed issue where game switches to Fullscreen upon entering the Graphics tab in Settings"

Setting/Graphics reverts to full screen upon loading.  It seems this setting is not saved so that when you start a new session you must manually change it.

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I'm also experiencing this, but in my case I can also see that the resolution is also resetting to the default of the native monitor resolution (4k in my case) instead of the 1080p that I select in settings. This is in v0.1.2.0 both when moded or unmodded.

Adding some information as I made changes due to another bug (skybox disappearing near Dres, that I've reported elsewhere) to my install, after which I still have this issue.

The change was to nuke my install (uninstalled via Steam, made sure program files (x86) and registry entries were deleted) then reinstalled, so was able to test with a completely fresh install. After this I still experienced the issue of the Game Screen Modesetting, not getting saved. However the Resolution setting does now seem to be getting saved, which it didn't appear to be prior to reinstalling.


Windows 10, 1070GTX, game version, unmodded.

Repro steps

These work either from a fresh install, or one already used.

  1. Start the game via Steam.
  2. From the main menu screen go to Settings>Graphics and change the Game Screen Mode setting to one not currently used.
  3. Go back to the main menu and Exit the game.
  4. Restart the game, go to the Settings>Graphics menu and notice that the Game Screen Mode setting is not correct for the change made in step 2.
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I can not use the UI to change windowing options.  The result is that I can not see the windows volume indicator and there is a glitch when alt-tabbing.  The bug seems to start when the game says "creating graphics manager".  The workaround is the Unity fullScreenWindow option in the game options file.

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