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Docking ports feel different from KSP1

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It's highly likely that docking ports are still under development  and can be improved in the future, but now it feels uncomfortable for me

Firstly, you can choose needed accuracy for docking in settings, so if you have a long distance set in the settings, you do not need to touch your docking port to the target. Your craft will automatically fit in place of the docking port-target. With this mechanic you can control docking fully, because you don't exactly now when and where your craft will be docked. Sometimes in my cases it spawned kraken for vehicles with many parts. I understand that it was made for beginners who doesn't yet know how to dock accurately, but this will not solve the problem of their inexperience. I think that will be better to make the docking ports attracted to each other like in KSP1, and in settings you will choose attraction distance. In this case you always know, that docking ended if port touched target, and it won't look confusing for all players

Secondly, docking port parts feel wobblier than other parts and docked big  crafts often twitch really hard. Also had bugs when docking ports overlaps each others and were destroyed after undocking. Maybe this problem will be solved with solving of wobbly problems with rocket

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They are very different. And I don't like it. The sudden "hey, you are docked" nonsense bugs me, especially when it does so quite forcefully. I want something that is much more realistic. so I can dock with a gentle kiss...

And the undocking is rude. It's very forceful, it almost always throws the undocked craft into some sort of tumbling motion. 

While we are at it, the fact that everything gets renamed and SAS settings are overridden on docking and undocking is also pretty rude.

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