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Changing planets' radii in KSP 2


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Hi All,

I'm used to playing the game with the real solar system, and instead of waiting for an RSS mod to come out for ksp2, I decided to just change the radius of kerbin to the Earth value.

In the folder Kerbal Space Program 2 > KSP2_x64_Data > StreamingAssets > aa > StandaloneWindows64, there are a bunch of .bundle files some of which contain the physical properties of the celestial bodies in the game.

In particular, there is a file named celestialbody-scaled-kerbin_assets_all_2e597030bb7017df8582b2c920d24d8c.bundle that defines the radius and the sea-level gravity of Kerbin.

If you open it with AssetStudio, here is what you get https://ibb.co/rQjBv6M

As you can see there is a field "radius": 600000.0 and another field "gravityASL": 1.00034160493135,

I used AssetBundleExtractor the change to field radius to the value 6371000.0, which is the actual radius of the Earth in meters. You will also notice that this file contains the boolean value "isHomeWorld": 1,

I guess that by changing this to 0 and setting it to 1 for another planet, you could play the game from another planet, which could be fun.

Anyway, the problem is that changing the value of the field radius does not work as expected, and a bunch of problems arise, like the fact that the coulds and atmosphere are now below the surface, and Kerbin ends up with no atmosphere, as well as much more serious problems when going into space.

It thus looks like simply changing the value of the field "radius": 600000.0 with AssetBundleExtractor is not enough.

Would someone here have enough knowledge of Unity and of asset bundle to explain me how to properly modify the size of planets in KSP 2 ? I'm out of ideas.

Thanks in advance to you all !! 

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