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Decouplers are Applying Force in the Wrong Directions Causing RUDs and Jettison Issues


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KSP2 Version:
KSP2 Version:
KSP2 Version:
Operating System: Windows 10
CPU+GPU+RAM: i9 9900K+3070ti+32GB
Mods Used: None

The issue appears to relate to the following:

  • Radial Decouplers position on a part.
  • Inline Decouplers but I am not sure of position on craft.


Note I haven't tested all the decouplers for these issues. I used the TT-38X because it gave the most extreme results. I didn't test all the decouplers but the bigger radial one does it too. Only tested one inline decoupler.

I have 3 Tests for this bug report:

  1. Multi-position Radial Decouple test to show different directions decoupling is throwing parts.
  2. 8x Symmetry Booster in orbit decouple moving in a radial out direction.
  3. Inline Decouple in orbit moving in a radial out direction.

Multi-position Radial Decouple Test:


Below is my first video of a craft with 5x4decouplers connected to 3 middle core sections to show the main issue.
The craft stages 5 times to show the differences of decoupling depending on the position of the part they are attached to (or that is what it appears to be doing

Video Evidence:
https://youtu.be/TYUMvaK92ME (12 Seconds)

How To Replicate:

  1. Launch Craft File supplied below
  2. Stage 5 times seeing the difference in how the decoupling is affecting each level differently

Craft File from Video:

Speculation from Video:
First Stage Decouple appears to have 2 decouple in one direction and 2 spin around
Second decouple and falls backwards.
Third Decouple appears to have 2 decouple in one direction and 2 spin around like the first staged decouple.
Fourth Decouple and falls forwards
Fifth Decouple and falls backwards.

8x Symmetry Booster in Orbit Decouple Moving in a Radial Out Direction:


The following video has a 8x symmetry decouple happen  in space and I used timewarp to have the side boosters pass through the center core to show the direction they all go.
Note that I set the force of the decoupler to 5kN to get the issue to gently occur.

Video Evidence:
https://youtu.be/f6DULJYls4A (15 Seconds)

How to Replicate:

  1. Load Save File
  2. Press the Space Bar
  3. Straight after turn on timewarp

Save File From Video:

Inline Decouple in Orbit Moving in a Radial Out Direction:


I set the inline decoupler force to 0kN for this test to show the direction
https://youtu.be/47KoXvdlXwc (12 Seconds)

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Load Save File
  2. Select Prograde
  3. Press the Space Bar

Save File From Video:

Additional Information:
Is this caused by some sort connection like an autostrut connecting at angles?
I did a quick test with a craft file for and and the results indicates it started with the first version.

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