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Threads of the month: May 2023

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The KSP forum moderator's team presents the
Threads of the Month

May 2023 Edition



Okay, okay, many of the students who hang out in my office during my office hours on campus are shocked that I am a big science fiction geek. So, when I saw that I could delay the Threads of the Month release to correspond with May 4th... I had to do it (although, in full disclosure, I think the Jedi are way over-rated. I am more of a fan of the Sith! :cool:).

Instructions on using the TOTM images: If your thread has been selected as a TOTM, you can copy the image's link above, go to the area of the forum you want to place it, then paste the link. When the image appears, press the <CONTROL> button and right click on your mouse. A menu will drop down and offer you the option to edit the picture. You can resize it - the first number can be changed as large or small as you want it. Eventually I will be adding these images to the thread I've created as a repository.

For those out there who like the nerdy parts of the TOTM:

To continue what I started in May 2021, I began keeping some forum statistics to respond to those claiming the forum was dying. In April, there were 501 new forum accounts (a decrease of 795, or down 38.67% from March). Out of the new forum members that joined last month, there were  24 who were active and participating in the forum. This conversion means 4.79% of the new users who registered their accounts are now contributing members of our community! (This is a decrease from March; 7.79% of the new members became active and contributing members). If you’re interested in seeing the new members of our forum, you can click here!

Now, without further delay, I present to you the threads of the month for May:

Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Works:

This category features a thread (or threads) that, while not directly Kerbal Space Program related, may be a creative work, fan-fiction, or other presentation related to the game.

There were no nominations for this category for this month.

Forum Member Created Challenges and Missions:

This category contains missions and challenges created by you, the members of our gaming community. Many excellent missions and challenges threads are created that expand our fun with the game and press our skills, creativity, and sometimes, luck beyond what we get accustomed to. Let’s face it, we all have our go-to design basics and even our go-to vehicles we like to use. So sometimes, a good challenge can cause us to think of another way to achieve our goals.

One of the good things about the challenges is for now, most of the basic challenges that feature the stock KSP (original) planets can be attempted in KSP2! So, until there are more updates and we are further along in the development map, there's no need to have two separate categories for challenges (but I am sure it will happen one day). Anyhow, about this nomination - we all like a good challenge that causes us to think outside of the box. And this one will cause you to do just that! The challenge, as described by @damerell as:


After driving around Minmus, Mun, and Kerbin, I decided I'd like to do the rest in one mission. I planned to use a modified version of my Mk IV Kerbin rover; this is a bit of an act of faith in the Kerbal Foundries group since presently the tracks don't work, but since no rover wheels work very well at the moment I can start work on the rest of the mission and trust that there will be working wheels or tracks later.

The Mk IV was a solid and capable craft... as it should be, weighing in at, er, 55 tonnes. This poses certain challenges if a Mk IV is to be landed on and lifted off every world in the Kerbol system. An alternative would be to dispatch a number of robot craft with Mk IVs, one to every world, and have the main mission land and take off in a smaller lander, but I rejected that in favour of the idea of using Kerman Dyson's entirely sensible Project Orion...

So, if you are waiting for the next patch for KSP2 to drop and you want something to do in the original KSP, then why not give this challenge a try? Oh, and always, be sure to share some screenshots of your craft!

Game Support/Game Mod of the Month:

This category features either help with the game (stock or modded) or mods that add quality-of-life game play improvements to Kerbal Space Program.

Zeirn1i.pngUsually, when a mod is nominated, I download and install it into one of my many games and give it a spin. However, this past month has been a bit of a blur for me. So, we will just have to take the word of those of you who nominated this month's mod. Brought to us by the hard work of @UltraJohn, this mod is described in the OP as:


HUDReplacer is a framework that allows you to replace the HUD/UI textures at runtime, without the hassle of modifying any stock files or assets.

The mod is currently a Work in Progress, so bugs may occur. It does not come with any custom textures out of the box, though an example config can be found on the github page for those who want to create their own.

While the average KSP player may not have a use for the mod, it might have a use within the modding community. So, if you are interested in seeing if you can give KSP a more personalized touch with your mod, then this might be what you're looking for.

General community threads of the month:

This category features a thread that adds to the community and doesn’t fit the game support/game mod categories.

Zeirn1i.pngThere are times that a thread is nominated that contains a tool a forum member has put a lot of work into that we all think, "Wow, that's a really great thing they did for the community!" And with this nomination, that's one of the cases here. In this thread by @nyius, that's just what we have! It's a hosting site for all of our KSP2 creations! @nyius introduces this site as:


Over the past few weeks I've been putting together a website for uploading/saving/sharing your KSP 2 builds and I've finally got it to a place where I feel comfortable sharing it. It's currently still in beta so I'm hoping some of you lovely people can try uploading some of your builds and see what you think (hopefully not quite as buggy as the game currently is...) 

It's completely free to use and you can check it out here at  ksp builds , although it's going to look a little barren currently as it's only been me testing it out so far.

There are a few features I'll be adding such as te ability to create folders to organize your own builds, the ability to have your builds be public or private, and a way to quickshare your build without having to signup (like if you wanted to quickly send your craft to a friend). And as of right now the 'search bar' doesn't search the database yet, just the builds you're currently looking at, but that is being worked on as well so that you can search by name/tag/creator/etc

Please note, as a member of the moderation team, it is not our policy to endorse any one craft site over another. But as a function of the Thread of the Month, we are simply bringing awareness to the forum community this site does exist.

So, if you have a favorite go-to craft you're ready to share with the community OR you want to download someone else's creation (of triumph or Kerbal doom), then why not visit this thread and check out the links!

Cinematic-based Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Works:

This category features a video or other form of cinematic of a Kerbal mission report using in-game video recorded game play.  Note: This has changed. Instead of awarding this to a thread, this is a *post of the month* since most new cinematic works are being posted in a single thread. We have a lot of great content creators but because they've been posting their mission reports as videos in a single thread, most of their work goes unnoticed by the general forum audience. Hopefully, with this change in the category to a Post of the Month (POTM), this will highlight the great work done by these deserving content creators. Other threads that contain cinematic posts will also be featured in this category, too.

z4GvFsJ.pngYes, folks, that's right. An overhauled image just for the cinematic posts! There's a lot of great content creators who are deserving of this recognition since we were made aware of the thread, Post Your Cinematics Here! (Cinematic Enthusiasts) by @HatBat. Although the thread did receive TOTM previously, it was felt that it wasn't enough for those of you who have shared your great creations featuring our favorite Kerbalnauts. Instead of of it being a TOTM, I've changed it into a CPOTM - a Cinematic Post of the Month.

For this month's CPOTM, we'd like to recognize the work of @Oraldo revak in this amazing cinematic found here:

Sometimes the forum software will get a little glitchy and an exact post may be a little hard to find, especially when it is buried in a longer thread. In case this happens, here's @Oraldo revak's cinematic presentation:

If you happen to encounter other cinematics you feel are worthy of being recognized as this category's post of the month, please nominate them! You can use the same instructions to nominate a post containing a video as you would use to nominate a thread.

Honorable mentions:

Sometimes it’s a challenge to choose which threads are going to receive the honor of being selected as the Thread of the Month for our five categories. We get so many good nominations each month to choose from, but we limit it to one for each type. Threads nominated but not selected as a thread of the month become honorable mentions. The honorable mentions for this month are:

There were no nominations for this category for this month.

The honorable mentions for this month may not have made the Thread of The Month, but if you think they might be worthy of another opportunity, please renominate it!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Thread of the Month! We want to thank our forum members, @AlamoVampire@Klapaucius, @Nazalassa, and the members of the moderation team and staff who nominated this month’s contenders. Thank you so much for helping us identify noteworthy threads and bringing their awareness to our forum community. We’d appreciate your continued help in the future.

The odds and ends:

TO NOMINATE  A THREAD FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a thread you feel should be considered for next month’s thread of the month, then use the “report comment” feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post “Nomination for thread of the month,” and we will do the rest! You can always nominate more than one thread, too.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOES INTO THE DECISION WHEN CONSIDERING THE TOTM: Wonder no more! This helpful guide is to help you understand what we use to help determine what makes a thread a really good thread and one that becomes a thread of the month/cinematic post of the month winner. It's everything you want or didn't want to know and includes some helpful tips.

And the last word this post: I'd like to thank a few people who continue to trust me enough to continue to support and allow me to contribute to the forum. I'd like to thank the Lead Moderator, @Vanamonde for bringing me on as a moderator, a decision that I'm sure has had moments where he often wonders why he did it. I'd also like to thank @Ghostii_Space and @PD_Dakota , our community managers and @Nerdy_Mike, the KSP Franchise Community Lead, for tolerating me and allowing me to continue to serve our Kerbal Space Program forum community through the monthly Threads of the Month post. :) 

In case you missed last month’s threads of the month, you can click here.

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On 5/4/2023 at 3:53 PM, adsii1970 said:

While the average KSP player may not have a use for the mod

"While the average KSP player may not want to play with black-and-purple water..."

Anyways, congrats everyone!

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4 hours ago, Oraldo revak said:

Hey :) I didn't expecting that! Thank you.

That’s the best kind of recognition - the kind that sneaks up unaware! :cool:

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