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[C# Plugin] Increase engine thrust and decrease fuel flow

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Hello there! I'm working at KSP mod that allows a player to upgrade parts. How to increase engine thrust by 15% or set a new value? Same with electricity generator. At the same time, also reduce fuel flow by 10% or set a new value.

Here's an example:

  Basic engine Improved engine
Thrust (kN) 200 230
Fuel flow (u/s) 16 14.4
EC generation (u/s) 10 12

Hope this information will be enough. Thanks in advance for your reply!

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You can do this through a module manager cfg file since stock ksp already has an upgrades feature built into it and module manager can take advantage of that.  It's the simplest and easiest way without the need to do any c# hard coding.

There's two parts to it.  First you need to specify the tech node at which the upgrade unlocks at via PARTUPGRADE and secondly add the upgrade itself to the part config file via UPGRADES.


The above mod while old adds upgrades to existing parts so you should be able to follow those examples.  The link below also contrains lots of useful info and links to more mods containing part upgrades.


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