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In the center of Kerbol

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Title: The map screen turns all color to a high saturation and crashes the game.




Severity: high. It completely crashed the game.

Frequency: low. I've only have had it happen once and I wasn't able to reproduce it.

Description:  I was doing an interplanetary midcourse correction burn to Jool using the ion engines. The orbit was planned to be polar. I toggled into the map screen during time warp to monitor my trajectory then a massage came up saying "Approaching Kerbol lowering time warp" along with a message saying I had lost Comnet connection. At this point the screen started to saturate all the colors to very high values, the frame rate dropped from 60 FPS to 11 FPS, and the whole game locked up. Right after I took the screenshot seen above the colors began to saturate even more and then the game crashed to desktop. 

Edit: This occurred in v

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Severity: Medium
Frequency: Very Low
My apologies as I've been struggling to get logs for this one, seems reloading the game a second time has a lot of errors.

I had a small manned craft that did a flyby of Moho.  After the flyby I turned on infinite fuel so that I could return him to Kerbin.  Large elliptical orbit was eastablished.  Attempting to get phasing correct for return to Kerbin SOI.  While in orbit of Kerbol, I believe I accidently time warped while the engine was firing to get desired rendezvous.  Suddenly artificial horizon was spinning.  Then determined that I couldn't see Kerbol anymore, but the shine off the solar panels was extremely bright. 
- I was now zero speed at the center of Kerbol
- iirc 33 Million km below sea level of Kerbol
- Solar panels (small foldy ones) were reporting approxmiately 26 digit power generation per second instead of the usual 8-20ish that is dependent on intensity/proximity to the star.
- Was unable to move firing the small thruster...guessing gravity is infinite at the center of Kerbol just like the power output on the solar panels seemed to be.

I will attach the save file as soon as I can get the game up and stable enough to delete out the extra debris and/or at least get the name of the craft.
Generally craft was built from top down starting with a lander can for 1 kerbal. 
No landing gear, no docking ports, Side drop tanks were utilized to initially get dV required for Moho rv.  Drop tanks were jettisoned prior to leaving Moho.  Several game years elapsed then elapsed while attempting to get Kerbin rv.


AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 
Linux Mint 21.1 (64 bit) Kernel  6.1.0-1007-oem
X.Org release 12101004
Matacity (Marco) window manager
Radeon RX 7900 XT (20G RAM)
Mesa 23.2.0
OpenGL 4.6
16G  system RAM
Using Steam w/Proton GE-Proton7-50
Using launch options: WINE_CPU_TOPOLOGY=4:0,1,2,3 bash -c 'exec "${@/%"PDLauncher/LauncherPatcher.exe"/KSP2_x64.exe}"' -- %command%



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@Alexoff I'm aware it is early access.  When searching for 'center of kerbol' I got nothing.  Even searching for 'center of planet' nothing in the bug reports shows obvious except one about a journey to the center of the Mun.  Your comment is dismissive and useless.  Since you seem to be posting just to pump up numbers...do it somewhere else.

I'm trying to get the logs to figure out where the original divide by zero occurred and figure out the repeatable steps to reproduce. 

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Unfortunately I don't have a save directly before the incident so I can't cleanly reproduce without derping about a bit extra.  Of note is that the autosave has suddenly ballooned to 157 Megs in size.  This has been reported other places but makes pulling/sharing applicable save files and such virtually impossible.
Following was the craft file prior to jettisoning the side fuel tanks, though the thumbnail created for it seems to leave out the fuel lines so it might not be 100% correct. Loading the existing save is impossible at this point...best I could do.

Craft File (took your text and converted it an actual craft file:

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so I was on a escape trajectory of kerbin going to jool, first I used Swivel engine to get about 9/10 of the way there then I detached my satellite with the dawn engine and timpwarped to just between kerbin and the muns orbit and I turned it on and it was fine. then the second I timewarp I glitch in some ocean then I stop timpwarping and then the  star backgound starts glitching and distorting and my craft blows up. also here is my specs:

CPU Vender: GenuineIntel.

CPU Name: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz

CPU Frequency: 2.419 GHz

CPU Physical Cores: 4

CPU Logical Cores: 8

RAM Size: 15.77 GB

Video Card: Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics

Video Driver:

VRAM Size: 1,024 MB

 also I was recording it because I was gonna turn it into a video and you'll find the glitch near the end so here you go: 



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Merged another report.

These are all the same issue.

Caused by time warping with 0 EC.

The colour saturating is part of the problem for some reason.

The other thing that happens is that the craft is at times transported into the parent body of the SOI. Kerbin SOI = Kerbin. Solar Orbit = Kerbol etc.

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