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Kerbal Racing Program 2023: Garage Tops

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Kerbal Racing Program 2023

Course: "Garage Tops"

Race from one garage top to the other and post your fastest time!


  1. Craft must be a Rover
  2. Engines/ Rear Thrust/ Wings, all allowed
  3. Must start on Garage Top before the first "Slope" down the garage. Either roof exit is acceptable.
  4. May not pass through upper-level bridge (Maybe there's a sub-category, or Track A/B situation)
  5. Must reach Ground Level
  6. The finish line is the end of the final upward slope (when both rear tires pass)


  1. Get a "Stable" rover to the garage and save. In fact, you'll probably need multiple saves to get to the garage in one piece (once you're there, the Garage itself is pretty safe for rovers, except for the collision mesh meticulously built around the entrances, those will break ya)
  2. Starting at the first slope can save you a few seconds
  3. Be sure to know which corner you are going to when you reach the bottom level
  4. Save just before starting your trial so you can just reload to your starting position when you want a better time.
  5. Give your craft a name, or ask me to name it.


Recording your time:

There are a few methods to do this (All problematic for one reason or another, but fine for the challenge): 

  1. Two screenshots; One at your starting position with the HUD up, compare difference between times
    • practice capturing your finish line screenshot before your run. Know what it feels like to capture that moment before the moment arrives
  2. OBS with a timer overlay; Open Broadcaster Software can capture your run. Capturing may require some settings modification if your system is lower spec. The clock on your computer is a suitable timer and it even has a stopwatch. You can look at differences in time, or you can overlay the timer on your capture for a running timer.
  3. Any video capture, load it into a video editor (I use blender) and lay a timer any way you choose over your capture.
  4. Time need not be measured down to the millisecond. The racer in me cringes to say that, but the Kerbal in me says this is all just for good fun anyway. There are many variables to getting a faster time- Start at the slope, photo-edits, video time stretching, etc. For the imprecise methods available and the game we're dealing with, lets just let the time's fill up.
  5. Two users may hold the same leaderboard position. This is not an issue yet, as so far there are only a handful of entries, but suppose two racers start in exactly the same spot and end up with the same time- They will share the time by the second as well as that time's corresponding position on the leaderboard. This is a case by case situation

Here's a video demonstrating how to turn your submission into a nicely edited video:



If there are other methods recommended let me know

If you would like me to feature one of your craft in a KRP2023 Video, let me know in a DM. I have a template that makes it easy to highlight community rovers. Below is a collaboration between myself and @Well another member of the "OneOscar" Fan Club. 

And a shoutout to the forum for providing the space for collaboration. Sharing craft files is easy enough, but the forum really provides a great way to channel and focus gameplay when career mode gets stale. Thanks for keeping this place running.

Watch the Challenge section for new tracks; If we get 4-10 racers we'll get a few more tracks around KSC. This track requires precision handling, but a good straightaway could make a "Garage Tops" Rover less competitive


  1. --2:17-- Socraticat, Nasty Dragon
  2. --2:18-- Socraticat, Winged Buggy
  3. --2:39-- Socraticat, Crabe MK1 -SE
  4. --2:54-- Socraticat, MonsterOscar
  5. --3:46-- Socraticat, Mail Truck
  6. --3:51-- Socraticat, MonsterOscar
  7. --4:23-- Well, Crabe MK1


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