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The Spherical Hydrogen Tank Currently Has No Name


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Thanks for the report @Anth12!

This is indeed a bug @Pat20999 even if it's just a localization mistake.

We've identified that there's some missing strings for that particular part and will look into getting that fixed. No ETA at the moment but I'll update this when I know more.

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14 hours ago, Pat20999 said:

Is this a bug?

12 hours ago, Anth12 said:

I would personally describe a bug as anything the game shouldn't be doing or displaying.

Yes, exactly. In the case of writing and localization: anything that is misspelled, or if something is incorrectly punctuated, or even an extra space where it shouldn't be - that qualifies as a bug.
I have been very careful to proofread everything. but there are literally thousands and thousands of text strings already in the game, and occasionally mistakes slip through. 
If you spot anything that looks out of place, please feel free to report it, and I will get it corrected.

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