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Komedic Kerbal Kallsigns


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So a random thought that's been in my head lately was the theme of real life astronauts in the early Mercury/Gemini/Apollo programs getting the chance to name their spaceships during missions. Obviously each of the Mercury guys named their flights and capsules, although they all followed a theme. Gus Grissom then named his Gemini capsule "Molly Brown" to poke fun at his near-drowning accident, and for the Apollo program, we had names like Odyssey, Columbia, Challenger, Eagle, and so on.

However, a couple of the names the astronauts chose were Spider, Gumdrop, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy, not serious names with much gravitas at all, which makes for awesome, hilarious names.

I was wondering what other forum members used for names for their ships in that sort of vein- humorous, catchy, callsigns or ship names. I'm looking to make a collection of good ones to use for an upcoming project, and I want to make the majority of mine food or snack-based because Kerbals love snacks :D

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Im not sure it qualifies as a callsign but a few of my space stations were called Doxie Station (doxie short for dachshund). Also had a shuttle way back when that ended up living up to its name: LawnDart lol


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Also an alphanumeric Mission Identifier Code (MIC, format: CBORMx) CB is celestial body, OR is orbit type, M is equipped mission, x is sequential number. The same craft can have multiple MICs if it has multiple targets. An exception to that can be made for missions that have multiple prime targets in a planetary system (e. g. Jool 5 craft), those can be assigned just the code for a parent body with a Multi-target OR

CB Moho Eve Gilly Kerbin Mun Minmus Duna Ike Dres Jool Laythe Vall Tylo Bop Pol Eeloo Kerbol Asteroids Comets
  MO EV E1 KE K1 K2 DU D1 DR JO J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 EL KB AS CO


OR Low Mid High Sync Geosync Polar low Polar mid Polar high Sun-sync* Flyby Lander Retro low Retro mid Retro high Molniya Escape** Multi-target    

(*not applicable to stock physics I think) (**or interstellar if relevant mods present)

M Generic science Observ.(vis, multispec) Terrain map (RADAR, LIDAR) Comm Spy Mining Resource map Weather SIGINT Ocean Srf explor.                
  S O T C S* M R W C* A E                

(*Spy and SIGINT missions use the same number series as their regular counterparts Observation and Communication respectively)

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Niiiice, nice. It's always tough to decide on how best to name missions separately rather than just flying 5 of the exact same ship with different crew.

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