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Seeking Guidance on Developing a Mod for Resource Management in Kerbal Space Program's Vehicle Editor

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Greetings fellow Kerbal Space Program enthusiasts!

I'm currently working on a mod for Kerbal Space Program's vehicle editor, and I'm seeking some guidance on implementing a specific feature. My goal is to create a mod that adds a slider, accessible through a toolbar button, which displays the total amount of each resource (e.g., fuel, ore, oxidizer) available in the SPH or VAB. This slider should allow players to efficiently distribute resources by moving it, removing the same percentage of fuel from all tanks simultaneously, instead of depleting one tank at a time.

I would greatly appreciate it if any experienced modders or game developers could lend me their expertise. Here are a few questions I have:

  1. How can I code a custom slider within Kerbal Space Program's vehicle editor interface?
  2. Where can I find reference code or examples to help me with creating custom UI elements in Kerbal Space Program mods?
  3. How can I retrieve the total amount of each resource present in the SPH or VAB using modding techniques?
  4. What methods or approaches should I use to link the movement of the slider to the removal of a consistent percentage of fuel from all tanks in Kerbal Space Program?
  5. Are there any existing resources, tutorials, or examples available that can provide step-by-step guidance on coding UI elements, resource management, and mod development in Kerbal Space Program(Videos)?

Your guidance, suggestions, or even pointing me in the direction of relevant resources would be immensely helpful. Thank you all in advance for your valuable insights and support!

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