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[1.12.x] Abadoni Galaxy (WIP)


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NOTE: I am not the lead developer of Abadoni.

Note: Abadoni is still Work in Progress, and screenshots will be uploaded soon.

This mod was created by @kerbalcrasher13@smushanoob  and @RexKerman.


Spacedock Download(buggy)

Discord server: link

Abadoni galaxy is a work-in-progress planet pack for KSP that will add multiple new star systems with options to choose from a wide variety of homeworlds. Explore neutron stars, white dwarfs and black holes and attempt landings on super-earths (or gas giants)! This system is intended to provide a large expansion of planets and other celestial bodies while keeping the stock system and still being able to select your homeworld.

Current development, including the parameters for nerds/general purpose (it gives you a very good feel of the body). 3 bodies have been partially made, with several more planned and at least 50 total when the mod is finished.


Kal: A water-cloud, whitish blue gas giant. (3500km/1.37g)

-Inner moons: Work in progress, will be added to make ceria/ceyista career/science modes more playable. Will be less than 1% the mass of Ceria.

- Ceria: a large super-earth moon complete with liquid water and a short but thick oxygenated atmosphere. Orbits far from Kal. (830km/1.45g, can be chosen as homeworld)

— Ceyista: a sub-moon of Ceria with varied terrain that includes mountain ranges and large flat spots. Mildly cratered with procedural VoronoiCraters. Geologically active due to tidal heating. (100km/0.09g, can be chosen as homeworld)


Cattlefire: this was the first body to be implemented in Abadoni and may see its way into the Kal system (most likely as an inner moon) Currently orbits in a highly eccentric and distant orbit, with its perihelion being 5 times closer than Moho and has an aphelion over 20 times greater than Eeloo. Orbits once every thousand years and is unusually dense, due to the high concentration of metal. (140km/0.32g)

(Note: all bodies will be added into the stock Kerbol system before they are truly implemented, do not play with Principia).

Working releases will be coming soon!

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52 minutes ago, kerbalcrasher13 said:

Also cattlefire was a test planet, also we will do a texture rework before release

By the way, for textures, I can give a completely procedural method and tutorial of making planets in GIMP, complete with mountains, normal maps and colour  textures.

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Ceria has been done!


Ceria's only volcanic island. There is a smaller volcano that is much steeper to the right.


The volcanic rim. Altitude=19km


A kerbal paragliding from the rim to the shore. (I used hack gravity to 10 to make this process happen a lot faster), its about a 120km glide to the shore! The kerbal is only 50 meters above the ground and at an elevation of 2800 meters. The smaller volcano is to the right.

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