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Weekly Challenge #25: Kerbolar Probe Challenge

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Weekly Challenge #25
Kerbolar Probe Challenge:Primary: Build a replica of the Parker Solar Probe. Don't forget your heat shield!
Secondary: Place your probe into a Kerbolar orbit with an apoapsis below 1Gm.
Jeb: Take advantage of Eve gravity assists to lower your probe's orbit as much as possible.
Val: Use a Jool gravity assist to establish a low Kerbolar periapsis, then gravity assist off Eve and Kerbin to lower your apoapsis.
How looooow can you goooooo

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I yeeted my little probe out with a nuclear rocket.

Launched everything up with pretty standard rockets in to 120km orbit. Then burned out the remaining fuel and half my hydrogen to drop periapsis. Burned some more closer in to try to get a weirder trajectory. If I burned all in I could've hit the sun... Hydrogen Power!

EDIT: OH - Noticed my weird burn actually raised my apoapsis :/

Nothing fancy, thus only meeting primary and secondary goals. Honestly, had to many issues getting this puppy in to space with things not getting weird, so this will do.

Anywho - Glamour shot:


And it sure is sunny near the sun - almost 115EC from a 1 EC panel!



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