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Reentry Heating Effects with Chris 'Mortoc' Mortonson - KSP 2 Dev Chat


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The effect looks actually nice, well animated, but way overkill. It might be a specific pic situation though.

I hope it to be less "everything" but they look nice.

I also hope them to appear at higher treshold, higher speed / higher air density, less often to summarize, to avoid the whole Gravity Turn fire ball issue. Even if means a less often visual effect it's fine to me :)

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1 hour ago, Spicat said:

Also, love the sneakpeek at the end! I'm happy that some bigger mountains were considered.

Ya the bigger mountains are nice for sure, I also particularly like the gold thingy at the end (asteroid maybe?). The re-entry effects are looking nice too, but I'll wait to see what those are like in game for my GPU.

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In no particular order I wanted to add in the work in progress shots we showed at the end of the video. 

Thank you everyone for watching! 



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8 minutes ago, Moritz Space said:

Maybe the sneak peaks used the new CBT system? They looked noticeably better than what we have right now.

There’s a few handmade areas that are physical models plopped down into the world (like the ksc, or the various easter eggs). My bet is the terrain sneak peaks are those and theyre being introduced so science missions can direct you to cool looking places (ie land on mount gregory the tallest mountain on kerbin)

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The re-entery effect looks pretty cool, would love to see what it will look like as something actually falls into an atmospher (with heat activated). As for the photos, very cool especially the mission control which I'm hoping you'd get in-game with probes. (PS. I'm also excited 1000 science points!)

Hoping the Mountains are Kerbin, there is a definate need for them to be higher (like near the KSC) because that is cool and I'd like a challange to land on them (latest KSP2 video I just missed it!)

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We did some sleuthing on the Discord and, from what we can tell, the Windows lock screen in the background around the 20-second mark appears to read Friday, July 21. So, these effects may already be over a month old now which, if they looked this good then, presumably look even better now

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It looks good!

However, and I don't really know any great words to explain this, it looks both too smooth and too rough. But that may be because these effects where captured deep in an atmosphere.

My thoughts:

Plasma trails tend to flow very smoothly without the candle flickering in the wind type of effect. It's more like fog rolling off a hill.

However, that smoothness is full of impurities. Sparks and different colors show up as noise in the plasma. I would imagine this is especially true with ablative shields, and when the vehicle comes apart.

Additionally, I think there should be two effects stacked. The one we have now, and another for the pure white light that is produced at high speed reentry.



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3 minutes ago, Superfluous J said:

"science points" confirmed?

That image is actually interesting. From what I can gather, science progression will be in form of missions. There's also potential for custom, user defined missions? 

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Just now, The Aziz said:

Also  everyone is looking at the mountain but nobody noticed another detail. The clouds???

The clouds seems to be the same, here some screenshots of the current game (credit to @Suppise):





You just have to be lucky (and looking for big patches of clouds).

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