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Weekly Challenge #28: Explore Vall

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Vall Challenge
Explore Vall:
Primary: Send Val to Vall
Secondary: Land on each of Vall's distinct hemispheres with the same lander in the same mission.
Jeb: One of these landings should be on top of one of Vall's mountain ridges
Val: The second landing should be in Vall's lake

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Okay, now i am tempted to challenge my rusted KSP skillset... I will create a new clean campaign and get my Kerbals up there as demanded, despite all bugs and inconviniences.

Edit: Since when are there lakes on Vall? Hey!?

Okay, i fired it up, KSP EA 1.4, i`ll put some comments for more insight on my submission...

Warning, pic heavy!

Launch of my 2.5 meter sized nuclear interplanetary research stick of doom, four Kerbals and a tiny Vall-Lander with roughly 2400 dV on methalox. Bruteforced to very high Kerbin orbit without fairing, using the poor mans launchpad, three massive solid boosters...  Slow but save ascend, lots of struts involved:


...I covered the hydrogen tanks with some cones, this made the trick... lots of dV wasted while surpassing the lower atmosphere by throttling down the methalox first stage... what gives...


...second methalox stage firing...


... it`s actually as small vessel, the bare minimum to get the job done, three nervas push it slowly. I plan to aero-capture at Jool and save lots of dV, hence the inflatable heatshield  and the airbrakes in the aft... 


...I used the ressource manager to pump fuel around and release the emptyed tanks, i am waiting for the old KSP1 mechanics which made this obsolete... 


Found the sweetspot to descelerate from a ridicoulous velocity and found myself on a AP with Laythe orbit... airbrakes to 90°degrees AoA...


...and after some yanky cheap maneuvering i ended up at Vall, what a hellish trip i must say, pure exploit of occasions without much planning, everything done "on the fly"...


...Valentina descending to the surface, northern hemisphere, looking for the ridges...


Vall is actually a large moon, and the mountain ranges are huge with giant cliffsides and real steep slopes...


.. i used an old dV map, 2400 m dV looked way enough but no, it is tight, really tight...


... back up and after rendezvous and docking, planechange to see some more sunlit surface in the southern hemisphere, i had somehow a unfortunate inclination to the sun...


...Val landed on a promising spot for those ominous lakes, but no, i found no such feature sadly...


I landed in a dark huge crater bassin but no lakes around,  just icy spikes growimg from the ground...


... Real twisty adventure, i encountered countless bugs, but with enough stubborness my Kerbals made it... epic visuals and fantastic musical background, cannot wait for the next update... :D

My PC crashed once or twice, and it took me around seven hours to make this happen, i know it sounds crazy but EA 1.4 is well playable if you have some tricks around the occasional missing features and bugs.

Jool looks just amazing, i hope the devs adjust the cloudlayer to the aerocapture friendly altitudes (or vice versa, if possible, idk) to make it even more thrilling! Cheers! :rolleyes:

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They're new. It's an easter egg. I mean honestly, global warming is even hitting Vall. Yeesh.


Here's a picture:




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