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SAS does not hold orientation during timewarp


Bug Report

Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes 
OS: Windows 11 | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600x | GPU: Nvidia RTX 4070 | RAM32 GB DDR5


I know this was expected behavior in KSP 1 and we needed a mod to fix it (ex. Persistent Rotation), but how can we use acceleration during time warp if SAS does not maintain heading?

IMO if SAS is on, the craft should hold the set orientation / direction / heading during time warp. I consider SAS being automatically disabled during time warp a bug.


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Made a bug-fixing mod because couldn't wait for a proper implementation:

That said, please don't consider it a solution. It's only good enough as a hotfix.
And it doesn't exist for this particular bug-report, it's more of a general improvements for SAS and thrust during warp.


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Very important topic. We have acceleration during timewarp and integrable trajectories but this function is underutilized. So with new possibilities it's still impossible to fly ion tug or another vessel with low thrust from low orbits of big planets, because you can't  maintain orientation during time warp to have spiral escape trajectory. I feel this feauter can be implemented in current timewarp acceleration function relatively easy

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This seems like less a "does not hold orientation" and more a "craft can't rotate during time warp", which definitely seems like a double edged sword:

If SAS works during time warp/craft can rotate, then heading instability becomes an issue while burning under time warp... which is not a good thing in my book.

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