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Mods Not Working and Not Showing Mods Tab on Title Screen


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I installed Space Warp + BepInEx  v1.4.3 (KSP2 version correctly and the mods tab does not show up on the title screen. When I open a world the mods are not there. I have tried deleting all my game files and reinstalling ksp2, wiping the files, etc. Still it will not work. I am not sure what is wrong if anyone could help please leave a message. Though it is probably just something stupid I have overlooked and or not done.

Edit: I have installed Space Warp + BepInEx many times successfully before but I believe around KSP2 v0.1.3.0 or so it just stopped working.

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I guess from Safarte's comment I should have understood that thanks for the help I'll try it.

After installing it SpaceWarp works. I knew it was something stupid. Thank you all for your help.

Edit: After installed UITK it works. I knew it would be something stupid I overlooked. Thank you all for the help.

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