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[1.12.x] Revamped Eeloo! New Moons and Atmosphere!!


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I'm back again with a new mod! This one updates the lonely Eeloo!! It adds and changes some things so let me show you!!


It adds 2 new Moons to Eeloo! The bigger one is Navel and the smaller one is named Netis!!








Netis is farther out but is smaller so it may be a bit harder to get to but I believe in you!! 

Navel is closer to Eeloo which seems to have slowed Eeloo's rotation down which means they always face each other! So you may want to land in the right spot to see Navel in the sky!


But while looking up you can get a good look at the new atmosphere for Eeloo!! It is rather thin but still noticeable! (It does have scatterer support as well! :DD)



But that is what it adds, Also with a slightly changed texture map for Eeloo!! I hope you enjoy it and please be safe everyone!! :DD

It has compatibility with:

  • Scatterer
  • EVE
  • Planet Shine
  • Distant Object Enhancement
  • Parallax


SpaceDock Link!! https://spacedock.info/mod/3468/Revamped Eeloo! New Moons and Atmosphere


Needs Kopernicus! :0 

License: MIT

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I updated the mod and added more stuff to work with it :0
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I am trying this mod right now with the volumetrics cloud mod and eeloo is very blown out. The planet is blindingly white while near it.


edit:  anyone else facing the same issue, I eventually had to delete the new terrain for eeloo by surgically editing the kopernicus config. You get stock biomes and science back but keep the moons and atmosphere.

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Here are my edits I made, if you replace the corresponding files from the download it should work. Do note this reverts eeloo terrain to stock. You still keep the nice atmosphere though and in my VERY limited testing it looks fine.

planet list: https://pastebin.com/6N4i6Cmx

atmo: https://pastebin.com/7N7WWHrJ

eeloo cfg: https://pastebin.com/izeEGVtK

Navel cfg: https://pastebin.com/fX7m4EHh

Netis cfg: https://pastebin.com/trqAsAVq

What I did was remove all instances of the new terrain files being loaded, remove the neweeloo creation which leaves original eeloo (this also fixes the planet in tracking station expanded seemingly), move navel and netis to original eeloo and finally set the new atmosphere to load on original eeloo.

I provide this as is and claim no credit whatsoever.

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