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Weekly Challenge #33: Land on Tylo

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Challenge #33: Land on Tylo
Primary: Land a kerbal or probe on the surface of Tylo.
Secondary: Land a kerbal on Tylo, plant a flag, and return them safely to Kerbin.
Jeb: Plant flags in both the highland and lowland regions of Tylo in the same mission.
Val: As above, but capture into the Jool system with a Jool aerobrake maneuver.

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This was a tough one!

Encountered a few bugs on this particular mission:

- no highland or lowland displayed on Micro-engineer. Just dust or rock everywhere!

- kerbal stuck in ground while hill-climbing Tylo

- kerbal (and even lander) getting sucked into the ground (still on Tylo)

- displaced motors after time warp -> the ship starts spinning foolishy

- no fuel displayed once boarded back -> no maneuver available to get back.  Managing to get a SOI encounter without node is tough... but doable!


Finally, I brought back my Kerbal almost right on the KSC (yay !) after planting a single flag on low white solid floor.
I took too much fuel for the trip back, but not enough on the lander... And chose a too-weak motor for the lander. Slowing down took ages, and getting back to orbit even worse!

Anyway, this was a nice journey; took a few pictures on my way ;-)
Very impressed by the toughness and maneuverability of my big 5-Mammoth engine rocket (excepting it falls apart on the launch stand, it sticks together in the air!)

Photo Album


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I've been hoping for a chance to use my Jool 5 vessel for this mission, but between learning it needs a redesign, and the Kraken delaying refueling attempts, I've settled for testing my Tylo Lander by getting the Mothership to Tylo with infinite fuel, then test the lander without infinite fuel. The first step is seeing if it can land and drop off the payload, right?

I landed with some 50 DV left in the lower stage. Could have changed the approach to save some fuel. Also carrying a second payload. The second stage of the lander can reach orbit on its own if it's full, but in an Ideal mission the Kerbal launches witht the lower stage and jumps to the second in a suborbital stunt.

Maybe I'll be ready for the full Jool 5 in an update or 2. My "OneOscar" delivery mothership needs more DV. Always more DV.

Anyway, the lander lands... so there's that. There's only supposed to be one "OneOscar" for this portion of the delivery, and there's only supposed to be one Kerbal, not seated in a "OneOscar" (seems I overlooked the automatic boarding that occurs in the VAB).


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Mission and all task completed.

Unfortunately, the game bugs killed a lot of joy and time

1.jpg   Ready for take off

2.jpg per BUGspera ad astra

3.jpg Jool airbreaking at hight around 168 km make final AP close to Tylo orbit

4.jpg Good morning, Jool

5.jpg Set orbit at Tylo

6.jpg Lander compartment

7.jpg First Flag set

8.jpg  Second Flag set

9.jpg My biggest problem: After second flag was set, I took off from Tylo back to mothership, but no matter how high i get and what speed have my ship - the game show ship status as landed. So, no trajectory and no chance to make any maneuver. When I got as close as i can on lander to mothership and trying to get there on foot with a jetpack - he was literally going on foot, just WALKING IN A SPACE. After many attempts and wasted time, the game finally gave me a chance to go further

10.jpg Back to Mothership

11.jpg Kerbin airbreaking

12.jpg Home, sweet home

13.jpg Mission accomplished



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add a video with a game bug
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