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Weekly Challenge #36: Rover Race


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Weekly Challenge #36: Rover Race

Next Challenge is a Rover Race!
No levels for this one; just post your best time!
Start at Runway R's south taxiway's crosswalk and race around the entire runway, back to the crosswalk (see map).
Your vehicle may use any propulsion method, including detachable boosters or other expendable parts...
But your active, kerbal-piloted vessel must not leave the ground.
Your vehicle must not leave the pavement or touch grass.


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OK, hi, I'm back.

So here's the big sticking point for this week's challenge: I get going down the runway with a rover. Once at a good pace, or even below max speed, the craft gets turned off course as if it was on rails for just a moment. Call me crazy, but it happens everywhere on the runway- All over KSC- Rarely in the Garage. Is it to due with curvature of Kerbin? WTH?

This is my current Kraken fighter- I call it the Twin Jet Proto (real original):

Maybe it's due to lift? It seems to happen without wings too. With these wheels and the ones just smaller. Long, long time ago... I made this to illustrate the problem. Someone said it was to gimmicky. They were right, but it was still fun, which is all that matters.

This challenge seems impossible with this bug/ my user error. But it is still fun.

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I'm not about to let a small thing like the Kraken ruin my fun.

I called it the "space truck frame", then I put "Slamvan" on it, morphed it to the "Mail Truck", deviated to a lightweight flying option for a run to Laythe and now finally dropped the frame two clicks lower to become this.

Dialed it in with friction set to 1 on front, 2 on rear.

It was not easy. It was fun.

You can drive it yourself ->here<-


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Sorry about the spam, Val got a bit obsessed :(

Anyways, she wants to let you all know she managed to get Mr Scary Car round the track in 01:11 (Kerbin Time - MET: Start 01:25 - End 02:36 )

Top Speed: 552 m/s, Max G loading: 37.8 g (is she hard as nails or what!?)...

She says you're welcome to try it out: https://kspbuilds.com/build/85b33bbc-7998-4798-a30c-cb67d1

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