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Burn Time window has inconsistent button/LED results


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Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes 
OS: Win10 | CPU: Intel i7 10700 2.9GHz | GPU: NVIDIA 2060 Super | RAM16GB DDR4


The Burn Time window is a welcome new feature to KSP2 ( I would however like to the the numeric DV amount decrease during the burn however).  Its best part is the set of 4 LEDs to prep you to manually start your burn.  There is an audio sound as each LED turns on to help you get your timing down so that you can hopefully start the burn with only a very small fraction of a second error.  The 4 LEDs show yellow, yellow, yellow, green.  However sometimes it progresses with yellow, yellow, green, green.  When the 3rd LED is erroneously green, I have at times accidently started my burn 1 second early....which has consequences.  This issue in NOT consistent.  Considering burns are not done every minute of gameplay, this issue has perhaps gone unnoticed.  However, in performing tests of around 20 burns of atleast 10s in length, I noticed the problem less than 50% of the time.  More like 25%.  Therefore I believe it to be a rounding error with the clock of the LED count down versus the clock of the actually burn start time.  Sometimes the second(1s) prior to the burn start (the 3rd LED's time to be lit up, yellow colored), the actual burn start time is perhaps slightly less than 1 second away...and the code decides to show a green LED on the 3rd LED, not a yellow colored one.  That's just my guess however, as I have no means to obtain sub-second accuracy.  Also, that would be able the most plausible explanation for such a trivial problem.  It is however a problem, albiet minor and inconsistent.


As well, in regards to other inconsistencies with the Burn Timer window, when stopping the burn, I have NEVER seen this issue occur when stopping.  It has always been yellow, yellow, yellow, red.  20 tests, no observations of a similar issue when stopping.  However....there is no audio sound of the LEDs lighting up when stopping.  I dont know if this is design oversight or intent, but one thing is true....burn precision not only matters when you start a burn, but as well when you stop it.  So, please address this audio issue as well.  Perhaps just play the same tones as starting the the burn, but play them in reverse.


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