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It's the tiny things...


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I'm aware that many of us are still really frustrated with the state of the game.

I wanted to do something different in the style of our forums games; something that would lift everyone's spirits and increase the hope and hype we need :)

All you've gotta do is share something that you appreciate about the game!

So, here are the rules:

1.) Posts must be one sentence. Yes, you can use compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

2.) Don't make this thread another complain-fest; there are plenty of other ones.

3.) Don't worry about repeating content! This is a place to give praise!

Without further ado.....

I really like all of the blips, bleeps, beeps, bops, blops, boops, bloops in the UI; it makes the game feel alive!

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I love the way Kerbin's crinkly terrain looks from space, the blue sunsets on Duna, the golden sunrises on Kerbin, the way planes fly, the roar of the rocket on blast-off, the music and the way it shifts, the way parts click together positively in the VAB, the trade-offs I have to make when deciding whether to use hydrogen and nuclear engines or plain old methalox for interplanetary transfer stages; I like how orbits stay smooth when I zoom in and out; I like how quick the transitions are between the VAB, tracking station, KSC, and vehicle views, I love the way I can paint the craft to make them pretty, I love being able to warp to a burn and see a countdown for it, and the way the burn planner takes burn time into account, I love the delicate trusses and crinkly golden foil on the hydrogen tanks, and I'm just generally having a great time!

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Finally got a chance to play more.

I like:

  • The warning that your solar panels aren't getting sunlight.
  • The (albeit limited) ability to time warp more under thrust than before.
  • The single type of time warp so you don't have to slow down to regular speed to speed up in "physics warp"

More to come!

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I love that the development of the game is going to be more linear than it was with KSP 1 - things like multiplayer and thrust-in-warp aren't being put on a backburner for the sake of spontaneous ideas and ad-lib, and the developers for this one aren't implicitly planning on relying on the work of modders for a complete experience. However bad things get, I can at least say they've not waited till interstellar before establishing something as (relatively-) simple as an art direction.

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I can' believe we ever used to build wings from multiple fixed panels and it's revolutionary* (now one of the wings doesn't think it needs to be upside-down in the VAB).

*no pun intended

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I appreciate that as the game improves, the discourse on this section of the forum is moving away from angry flamewars back to constructive criticism and calmer discussion. I long considered this forum one of the nicest and most welcoming places on the internet and I hope it can stay that way.

The visual and performance upgrades in 0.1.5 are also very much appreciated :D

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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