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[WIP] G.R.A.P.E.F.R.U.I.T (formerlyTankHabs) [HELP WANTED]


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Gateway Residence for Astronauts Providing Enhanced Facilities for Researching and Understanding Interstellar Travel

This mod adds parts that allow you to convert empty tanks into large habitats, based on the '70s concept of the External Tank Station, currently, I am only able to make habitats with interiors, for the moment I lack the ability  to make .dll files to add modules, I am currently on the look for someone to help with this

if anyone is willing to help make original textures for this mod that would also be greatly appreciated



Currently, there are 6 5m inflatable hab modules, plus 2 types of converter to allow you to mount them to tanks(all with freeIVA support)

At the moment it does not check if the tank is empty(or that it is actually attached to a tank at all) so just keep that in mind and promise not to drown your Kerbals in cryogenic fuel. :)


screenshots by me, based on some art by brickmack [TWT] [DA]

some more lovely screenshots by PicosSpace


closer look at the current habs



part naming and descriptions by AtomicTech 


interior design assistance and refinement by AstroWolfie


some old screenshots of the first ideas for the mod:



any help or suggestions much appreciated!

(mod is also free to pick up if I abandon or stop updating and am unable to be reached)

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tutorial video
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8 hours ago, Ashiepoppy said:

This rocks! Reckon you could make configs for ORANGES, BDB, Tantares at some point?

thank you! luckily since the actual habs are technically separate parts, they will work on any fuel tank modded or vanilla


for example, here's a WIP size 4 hab, the bits in red are the actual part you'll see in the editor and on the ship, in the game it's just there to show you where the hab is, these hab parts connect to the "converter" part. currently, you can just put these wherever, but if I can learn or get help making modules, the eventual goal is for the converter to activate only when attached to an empty fuel tank, and the habs will only activate when the converter has. right now they're just using the basic animation module and can be assembled at any time during flight.

so yes, even from the earliest possible release these will work with any mod using size 2, 3, and 4 fuel tanks

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On 11/10/2023 at 4:31 PM, Ashiepoppy said:

This rocks! Reckon you could make configs for ORANGES, BDB, Tantares at some point?

since seeing this been looking at oranges more, thinking of adding a specific converter that wont clip into the dome so it will work better with those tanks, and with permission maybe using some of their textures (bc wow they're great)

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the commanders office is the closest anyone is getting to privacy


this was the image that originally inspired this mod, and with the commander's office, I have now implemented every original design, don't worry there are still about 20 more habs planned, but a public testing build isn't far away now!

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2 hours ago, chaos113 said:

a suggestion for the iva if you are interested, camera screens to  serve as windows

this is a great idea! will test this out

1 hour ago, Cheesecake said:

Can you change the download from .rar to .zip? It`s way easier for windows-user because .zip must not be unzip for use.

damn just updated, will do tho!


fixed some bugs, changed to using SSPXrs hab module, and added a flatpack converter

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