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In this game your objective is to improve the rocket prior to you! (Heavy inspiration from @AlamoVampire)

 To improve a rocket and you can use anyone of the methods below!


Method 1. You can post a rocket that is its next evolution. (Atlas 2 gets followed by Atlas 3A and so on)

Method 2. If it uses technology used by another rocket (RS-68 for Ares V followed by Delta 4)

Method 3. It looks similar ( H1 Followed by Delta II)

To make sure the fun and games can continue smoothly we have to follow the rules below.


Rule 1. Fictional rockets are allowed to an extent (Things like FAM is allowed but things like Interstellar is not)

Rule 2. You must wait 10 minutes since the last rocket you posted

Rule 3. Follow the forums rules.

Rule 4. Only one rocket per post.

Rule 5. No spacecraft this is about rockets!


Pictures are not required but they are recommended

Now I guess I will start us off with the first rocket to reach space the V2!



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