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I too have always disliked the simplistic launch clamps in KSP1 and KSP2 - however I just dont see the justification right now for them to spend 1 second on improving it when you see the laundry list of things that are far more important.  Maybe as part of a future DLC, they can spend a lot of resources developing a VERY cool modular launch tower that can be customized for each rocket....but most likely a mod will come out for this before then - the launch tower mod for KSP1 was EXTREMELY cool, especially when using RP-1 and the Saturn V.  You could get a completely realistic looking launch if you spent enough time setting it up. 

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1. advantages to small probes - more/larger/preclustered xenon engines and more miniature science parts

2. Hydrolox and kerolox fuel types and engines 

3. Basic life support 

4.  Large landing legs that are sleeker when folded/something in between wallaby and the next smallest landing leg

5. XL engine parts

6. A bunch of historical parts - 1.875, saturn V, and soyuz

7. Robotic parts

8. Mini SRB's (mites)

9.  Better RCS - larger RCS

10.  Transfer window overlay in map screen 


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No particular order:

1. Weather (visual and gameplay)

2. Robotics

3. Complex colony economy (I wanna Factorio level, or at least Surviving Mars)

            Bonus: more kerbal jobs (Medic, Agriculture, Miner, etc...)

4. Non punitive Life Support (Integrated with colony economy, kerbals enter hibernation instead of dying) 

5. Falcon 9 style landing legs (and more part diversity in general, not everything should be a cylinder)

6. Autopilot and SAS improvements (Altitude control, speed control, thrust and stability control for VTOLS, etc..)

7. Subaquatic gameplay (Submarines, underwater colonies and exclusive resources)

8. Radiation (Ambient and Ship related)

9. QoL improvements (Docking alignment indicator, rotating docking ports, maneuver precision control, biome maps, resource maps, transfer windows graphs, etc...)

10. EVA construction (Similar to KSP 1, but with all the tools available on VAB, such as symmetry for example) 

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I'd really like to see a DLC that gives a realistic flavour to KSP2 and would include:

- An intermediate scale solar system (x3?) at least for Kerbin and Mun. Reaching orbit on Kerbin should be far more demanding than a suborbital jump.

- Patch-conic physics is all very well. But introducing a fictitious J2 effect (a fake Kerbin’s oblateness) on the low orbit would allow an orbit precession that would make a sun-synchronous orbit possible.

- An automation and control language (like Vizzy or kOS?) that allows us to control our launcher or spacecraft in a reproducible way.

- If not purposely designed, motors should have limited thrust modulation and re-ignition capabilities. I recognise that an engine that could not be modulated would not be playable by human control, so we could imagine that a non-variable thrust engine would only be allowed to modulate down to extinction. With theses limitations, monergol will be of great interest.

- Liquid engines would be differentiated between MetalOx and HydroLOx to allow us to choose between a high-density liquid fuel and a low-density liquid fuel.

- For re-entry capsules, we would add a selector that would shift the centre of mass, this misalignment being intended to introduce a natural angle of attack and lift.

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1. Being able to toggle the wobbliness.

2. Having stock part switches. (Either B9-ish or like in stock KSP1)

3. Wing fuel tanks

4. More realistic landing leg physics

5. Hydrogen boiling away in certain conditions (eg. without tank insulation, close to Kerbol)

6. Dynamic atmospheres (Winds)

7. Customizable engine plumes

8. Expandable KSC

9. Moar! procedural parts

10. Precise maneuver node controls

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An unordered dump:

1) PAW menu as in KSP1 in addition to the current all ship parts menu - each have their advantages.
2) Robotics.
3) Have alternate UI - While the current retro UI was an interesting idea it's hard to read and bigger than it needs to be - blocking my view of what I'm primary interested in. If not this then please make it modifiable so a mod can replace the UI (actually this would be a good idea regardless)
4) Weather (with wind) to enable aerostats/weather balloons/More interesting flying. Should probably be optional.
5) More wheels, more torque for current wheels - unable to climb 5 degree slopes with some of the current wheels.
6) Alarm Clock/Transfer Window Planner
7) Procedural fuel tanks
8) Something similar to Precise Maneuver Node
9) A functionality similar to MechJebs custom windows. I liked to make custom windows for launch, landing, docking and roving - gave me a window where I could select the parameters to display.
10) Ability to loop structures like the KSP1 Recoupler mod

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1. To see all the things that were promised during development to actually come to fruition.

2. Improved terrain. Game is very inconsistent on this front- big flat areas (Eve, Mun, Tylo) in particular need more texture and/or scatter. I would also like for scatter to have collision.

3. Asteroids, Comets, and other non-planetary bodies to visit.

4. A planet encyclopedia, featuring all the science you have learned so far. I strongly believe science should have some sort of learning component to it, even if the tech tree remains points-based.

5. Proper IVA.

6. Weather systems- these can be mostly cosmetic, but they’d do a lot for worldbuilding, especially as we get into the exoplanets.

7. Cosmetic customization of colonies- with the sheer amount of colonies we’ll be trying to build around the galaxy, it would be nice to be able to give them unique aesthetics.

8. Robotics- essential that this becomes stock sooner rather than later.

9. Exotic objects- Rogue planets, brown dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, and more should all be on the table for interstellar travel. I know some are quite rare, but I just think they’re too exciting and interesting to pass up.

10. For the KSC to gradually evolve into a proper Kerbal city to fly around. And while Kerbin shouldn’t be hyper-developed, it would be nice to see more signs of habitation scattered around the planet.

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1. Ability to toggle whether or not a wing has vapor trails. I like to sometimes make wings out of several wing parts, but this means that you end up with a bunch of vapor trails, some of which coming out of things like the middle of a wing, which I find kind of annoying.

2. Optional cover for hydrogen tanks. While I think that the hydrogen tanks look fine sometimes, other times I wish that you could give them a cover to make them blend in with your other fuel tanks better. Looks odd when the bottom half of a rocket is smooth fuel tanks, while the top half is a truss with this bright yellow hydrogen tank in the middle.

3. A simulation to test designs. Something similar to the KRASH mod from the first game, allowing you to test designs before you launch the actual mission, such as spawning your lander on Duna to make sure it can actually reach orbit. Maybe make it where you must actually reach a location first before you can simulate it as well, like you can't simulate a ship landed on Duna till you have actually landed there for real.

4. An IVA with functional monitors like the mod Raster Prop Monitor.

5. Multiple suits to choose from like in the first game. I liked choosing different suits in the first game based off of my tech level, such as the vintage suit for starting out, and the default one for like mid tech. I do really like the new suit though.

6. Option to switch windows between see through and opaque. I like being able to see through the windows, but sometimes in certain builds you will end up with things like the cockpit clipping into other parts. This means that you can have times where when you look through the window the kerbal is halfway inside a fuel tank or something, which can look odd. So being able to switch the windows to opaque in the editor for these kinds of cases would be nice, even if not super important.

7. A mapping system like the Scansat mod. This could be used to find good landing spots, as well as good spots for colonization in the future.

8. The ability to remove an item from symmetry so that way you can have items placed symmetrically but with different settings, such as navigation lights.

9. The ability to load craft from other save files like you could in KSP 1, Maybe even folders to organize them better.

10. To be able to right click a fuel tank to see how much fuel is left in that specific tank.

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1: Music Cues when near a discoverable, it will play some kind of sound (similar to the Duna mountain in KSP 1) to let you know that something is nearby.

2: More discoverables on planets that nobody goes too: for example, Dres and Jool since it has a surface now and is huge

3: Easter Eggs on Kerbin: This would be cool as KSP 1 had the majority of easter eggs on Kerbin

4: EVA Construction: Pretty  straight forward, the same tools available in KSP1

5: Engine plume customizer: Kind of like the customizer from the popular KSP 1 mod, "Waterfall"

This is all I could come up with for now, will add stuff if anything else comes to mind.

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Life Support and waste management 

2. Resource Management and Transportation like in Automation games (Factorio or Surviving Mars) 

3. Rails to transport resources and Kerbals 

4. Happiness Factor for Kerbals in Colonies and injuries 

5. Interior like Tables, Kitchens etc 

6. Jobs for Kerbals like Scientists, Pilot, Farmer, Logistics, Cleaner, Miners, Medical etc. 

7. Weather (Wind, Snow, Heat Waves, Dust, Storms, Sandstorm) 

8. Inventory Items for Kerbals 

9. Robotics 

10. Terrain Manipulation to go underground (building and mining underground) 

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1) A decent surface scanner feature allowing to find landing spots and secrets via à Space program

2) Weather as a cosmetic addition

3) Weather as a gameplay addition

4) A button to timewarp to Apoapsis/Periapsis in the main game screen

- The benefits/cost ratio of this one is huge imo. This small improvement would allow so much quality of life, every liftoff could be made without any need to go to map mode, map mode would then be a maneuver hub mostly.

5) More contextual music, Jesus the music is so good

6) A way to get transfer windows timing without alt-tabbing to an old reddit post, ideally a "launch at transfer window", if it doesn't destroy what you think might be a core mechanic.

7) Improved graphics, the more beautiful the experience is, the more wonder there is to explore and spend time in the game





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  1. A part or probe that you can write LUA code in to perform actions or movements automatically with sensor input data.
  2. Resource costs for parts so that SRBs and engines before unlocking the Swerv are balanced to be used.  I miss optimizing for cost AND mass.  Optimizing by only the mass is too simple, and SRBs are mostly decorative at this point.
  3. CommNet UI, let me see my connections.
  4. A "Recover Vessel" button when splashed down on Kerbin without having to go to esc menu.
  5. A quick way to go back to KSC from inside buildings without having to go to esc menu.
  6. A very simple transfer window planner with a button that timewarps to your choice.
  7. Rocket exhaust physics so they don't just shoot a straight line out from a gimballing engine.
  8. More incentive to use unmanned probes/rovers or even make those the first options in the tech tree.
  9. Some kind of unlockable after visiting specific locations.  It could be a unique part or just a fun aesthetic, like a flag design.
  10. Tutorials for more advanced players to learn optimal maneuvers, like gate orbits or reverse gate orbits, CALs vs suicide burns, or meeting Moho at its Pe during transfer for better overall dV.
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In rough order priority:

1. Ways to make the progression feel challenging for veteran players. This can be resource or part count limits. The best would be the ability to make building more realistic rockets necessary (i.e. increase dV requirements).
2. A reason to use probes vs kerbals in a mission. i.e. probes can scan and explore systems for the first time to find discoverables or places to land later.
3. A scansat-like way to scout out a planet, especially one that is more distant.
4. A python or code based way to automate launces and missions.
5. Display the orbital stats of a manuever so you can precisely place and plan it.
6. Transfer window planner.
7. Modding tools for missions and tech trees
8.  More discoverables, maybe even make them slightly visible or obvious on map, so you can think to explore in a specific area.
9. Life support and resource systems
10. More science text.

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Lots of repetition, but some things bear repeating:

10.  Legacy UI.  Port it over and make it an option.  It will quiet the masses.

9.  Individual Kerbal progression.  Kerbals may all look different now, but they all feel the same, and that stinks.


7.  Robotics - DLC is fine.

6.  Kerbal Inventory/Attachment.

5.  Discoverable CB's using telescopes, etc.  Having everything already discovered is a drag.

4.  VR flight controls and IVA/EVA (room scale, not that ghetto seated/controller nonsense)

3.  Full Life Support, similar to USI's implementation and with cryo sleep pods.  Make it it's own game mode and sell it as DLC.

2.  Surface scanning using the SCAN-Sat (KSP1 mod) model.  Some of the best integrated gameplay ever introduced by a mod.

1.  kOS-like scripting (KSP1 mod)

Can you have this out by... next Friday, say?  tks.

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In no particular order…

1. More visually helpful map mode. Was doing an intercept last night - orbital stats for the target ship were not always visible. There was also a confusing set of ascending/descending nodes (for the Mun itself perhaps?) that was actually more visible than those for the craft I was trying to intercept. Clean it up.

2. Improved rover wheel performance. We need wheel options that go fast and climb hills.

3. Rover testing track at the KSC with slopes, rollers, jumps, obstacles, etc.

4. VAB workspaces. After 70 hours I still don’t have a clue how these work. The system is so unintuitive. I just want to save my builds in progress regularly with just 1 click. Make it so.

5. Add a cool discoverable to the Bop crater and only tell me, specifically me, that it will be there about a week before you add it, so I can find it first.

6. Lights don’t seem to work anymore. I swear they did before the recent update. Fix em so I can see my spaceships.

7. Give us reasons to feel invested in individual kerbals. This could be a recruitment and skill progression system like KSP1, or better - let us customize them.

8. More discoverables like the Mun arch that can be flown through. I do love flying things through things.

9. Make the Mun great again. KSP1 Mun was a roller-coaster ride. Every inch of it was cratered. Lots of stuff to jump a rover off of. KSP2 Mun is flat and boring.

10. A vanilla overlay that does what the Trajectories mod does in KSP1. Being able to more easily do precision landings is a game changer.

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My top ten must haves in KSP2...

- Transfer window planner
- Lifesupport (may be simplified for sake of complexity)
- Robotics like KSP1
- Propellers
- Weldingtool for large structures (Girders and trusses)
- radiation
- Ground effect for planes :D
- Inventory/attachment system and EVA construction/deconstruction
- Surface scanning and map tools
- Procedural tanks

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Warp to next day.  Or night.  (Maybe I haven't found button haha)
And switching to next vehicle changes the camera view pretty drastically.  I'm wondering if view could stay the same but looking at the next vehicle.  

I have no idea what else I want!  Having great fun. 

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