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The One-Piston-Jump Challenge

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The One-Piston-Jump Challenge


The Goal: Use a single piston to jump super high.


  • You may use only 1 piston (hydraulic cylinder) to induce thrust
  • No cheat menu or kraken-induced thrust (the kraken is not a piston)
  • Overclocking is allowed and most likely required
  • Craft file editing of part attributes (thrust, traverse rate, etc.) is allowed
  • Must have a kerbal on board at least during the ascent



@RoninFrog - 547m  (477m)

Here is my own submission (the post keeps merging):

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2 hours ago, Donmy Kerman said:

By the infinite electricity glitch, I mean the glitch where you set the turboprop's rpm limit to 0 and it starts producing infinite EC.

Lol didn't know about that glitch.  I'd say it's fine.  The main thing is that the piston still has to check for available electric capacity, where the alt+f12 menu bypasses that.

On my attempt, I used a Dawn engine underclocked so much that it filled my batteries in two game ticks, so I think the two are functionally identical.

I also "changed" the rules to specifically allow some craft file editing.  I don't believe its results will drastically differ from overclocking, but I could be wrong.  I kind of hope I am.

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