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Dark Mode [ for KSP2 0.2.0]

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Tired of the UI windows at the KSC lighting up your screen? Say hello to Dark Mode!

Some Screenshots:

Should be on CKAN soon. In the meantime, download it here:



Source code available here:


License: MIT

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Added license and source info
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Hi, I like this mod, just want to remark the risk of scarce or null usability of this mod due to dynamic menu.

Having other mods adding new items in the menu, like "Apps" at the moment, where 2 mods: Science Arkive and Orbital Survey modify the menu, this mod is useless because doesn't apply the dark theme to the new items and subitems! having Dark and White at the same time :blink: no need to show a picture. Having that situation no one wants to have that so they are going to uninstall this mod 1 min after they see the menu (this is what I did).
So, in order to fix this you should have something more dynamic instead of applying hardcoded names and all colors should be read from a JSON file instead of hardcoding them, if file not found you can preset default colors from your code, eh..

In this way we don't bother you to put again hands in the code to change colors(?) unless of bugs or incompatibility due to new versions.

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