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how do i transfer my saved game to a new pc..also............

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had to get a new computer..managed to get my saved game folder..i did this on 1/11/24....today is 11/12/24..was there an update yesterday..??if  so what now..say it slow caus it took me fooorever to even figure this game out..haha

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If you are moving a single save, you can drop the folder into the saves folder on KSP2 of your new computer. I assume you're doing this off a thumb drive? If you want to transfer all your saves, then you can copy the entire save folder and make sure you replace the old save folder on KSP2. If you don't want to replace the entire new save folder, then you can just copy all the old saves and paste them into the save folder.

Ok, slower version:

There is a save folder.

In this save folder are your saves.

Copy all those saves.

Paste them onto the thumb drive.

Move the thumb drive to the other computer.

Open the thumb drive.

Copy all the saves you pasted on it.

Find the folder for KSP2.

Find in there its save folder.

Open it.

Paste all those saves you copied into it.

That should work, if the issue is that your saves aren't loading after you do that, it's beyond me, but double-check to make sure they're in the right folder and that nothing important was deleted. Did you have to update your game or did Steam say it wanted to update it? If so, it had an update.

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Note that KSP save files is hidden very well away.
Location is 
C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves
{username} is probaly your login name. 
Note that AppData is an hidden folder, so you might have to change settings to see it. 
Why not save game files into the 
C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\ folder who Fallout 4 uses? 
My guess someone at m$ got an truckload of money so steam and epic could sell cloud game save as an service. 
In any case MS messed up major here. Someone is corrupt or an total moron. 

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